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10 Tips to Keep You Organized Through the Holidays

By Monica Friel

Do you feel overwhelmed by clutter? Even paralyzed by it? So many of us do — especially at this time of the year. So, in this season of making lists and checking them twice, here is a list that will help you prepare for the Holidays and make them a bit more enjoyable.

Start small. Break down big projects into small tasks. Looking at the entire project may lead to procrastination. Start in a specific area and make decisions about one item at a time. Take small steps in the right direction now.

Create itemized gift lists. Write down the name of every person on your list and get the ideas flowing. Always keep the list handy, you never know when you’ll come across the perfect gift. There’s even an app for that appropriately titled Gift List. You can keep track of everyone on the list and all the details. 

Make time. Set a timer and work with manageable bits. Doing this will help you feel less stressed. You’ll be amazed at how much can be accomplished in a just a short period.

Set up a gift wrapping station. Set up an area in your home for wrapping gifts. Keep ALL wrapping paper, gift tags, gift bags, ribbons etc. together. This way, you won’t have to search every time you need to wrap a gift.

Create a holiday folder.  Gather great ideas for gifts, decorating, recipes, etc. and put them in a folder marked “Holiday”. Keep the folder handy throughout the year to add ideas as they come to you.  When mom mentions in the summer how much she wants that gadget, you’ll know exactly where to put the reminder.

Corral holiday items. Holiday books, gift wrap, cooking items, clothing, linens and movies can all get packed away when the season is over. We tend to think of packing up holiday decorations and knickknacks, but there are many other things that are used only at this time of the year. During the season, rethink how much can go into storage. This way, you’ll have less clutter around the house the rest of the year!

Take pictures of your decor once it is set up. Print a photo of your display and put it inside the storage boxes. This way, if you really love the way something turned out you won’t have to reinvent the wheel every year. 

Whittle down your freezer. Plan ahead for holiday leftovers and have a “mustgo” night when everything in your freezer must go. When you entertain, you’ll have space in the freezer to spare.

Set deadlines. Define clear goals for yourself and keep your eye on the prize – an organized, clutter-free space!

Enjoy! Remember the holidays can be a magical time and your mindset plays a huge roll. Enjoy the season, schedule time to be with family and friends. It has actually been proven that taking time to enjoy the season will help reduce stress.

This list provides a great start. But remember, organization is a constant process. Decide right now to streamline and simplify. If you do, you will see a difference right away. 

One can never read too many organizing ideas when it comes to preparing for the holiday season!  Thanks Monica for more great tips.  If you liked this article, give it a cheer and/or like it on Facebook.

 Monica Friel

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