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3 Books to Take Your Planning to the Next Level

Whether you’re heading out to a vacation destination or simply enjoying life without chauffeuring kids to school, the right book makes summer even better. Take some time to get back to the basics of why planning is so important and what big picture concepts can enhance your personal planning sessions. Here are our picks to read:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Summer’s relaxed pace makes it an optimal time for reflection and introspection. Stephen R. Covey’s classic is a great choice, with detailed insights in how to move from dependence on others through independence to interdependence, where the sum of working with others is so much greater than the parts. Whether you’re re-examining your paradigms or discovering Covey’s life-changing wisdom for the first time, this book can change your life.


Great Quotes from Great Leaders

If you don’t have time for lengthy reading, inspire your summer days with quotes from the great leaders of our time. With more than 400 quotes from 32 world leaders, this book captures the integrity, strength of character, and passion of these extraordinary men and women.


What It Takes To Be Number One

If you love sports and value organization, then this book is for you. Vince Lombardi, Jr. expands on the wisdom in his father’s famous speech, with sections on Commitment, Discipline, Excellence, Mental Toughness, Habit, Faith, Passion, Results, and Truth. With vintage photographs and audio content of the original speech, this is a must-read.



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