3 Reasons Why Using a Planner Can Build Your Child’s Confidence

There’s no understating the benefits of confidence. It comes when your efforts and your expectations line up with your capabilities. With fear and insecurities out of the way, you’re free to succeed.

But learning this process doesn’t happen automatically. To have faith in yourself, like having faith in anything else, you have to take action and evaluate the results. The results of your actions strengthen your expectations for the next time, whether you succeed or fail.

For your kids, school is the laboratory where this process takes place. Whether it’s their professional development through attendance and homework or their social development through extracurricular activities and appointments with friends, the results of their time in school will shape how they think and feel about themselves.

A FranklinPlanner is an invaluable tool to help your kids flourish in school. With the proper instruction, your kids can know what’s expected of them, raise their own expectations for themselves, and develop dependability with everyone on their schedule, from teachers to friends. Here are three benefits from teaching your kids to use the FranklinPlanner system:

Anticipating Deadlines

With assignments in each subject to track, school can be overwhelming at times, especially when taking challenging subjects. Teach your kids how to mark their assignments for the week in their Prioritized Daily Task List, with a due date listed by each.

After making this list, they can assign priorities to each task. It can be as simple as tackling assignments with the closest due date first, or it can be allocating time for various term projects throughout the week. With this daily list, it’s much easier for them plan enough time to get everything done.

Achieving Goals

It can be easy for kids to see the world as a bunch of external forces working on them, and to feel that they can’t control their lives. It’s the reason that parents hear “It’s not my fault!” from their kids as explanation for problems at school. You can help them combat this insecurity by setting goals and subgoals in their planners. For example, to achieve the goal “Get an A in AP Physics”, a student could write “Complete assignments the evening they’re assigned” or “Find demonstration videos on YouTube”. As your students meet each subgoal, they’ll start to understand how the small steps they take make big changes in who they are and what they can achieve.


From heading to school in the morning to staying after for sports, band, or the homecoming parade committee, your students have people counting on them to arrive on time. Teaching them to schedule their activities in their planner lets them take charge of their own life, whether they’re earning money at a high school job, playing starting linebacker, or just having fun with their friends.

When it comes to developing confidence, there’s no substitute for preparation. Help your kids prepare with the FranklinPlanner system, and there’s no limit to their success.


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