3 Ways to Improve Your Plans with Your Master Task List

If you’re like most of us, you have a list of things you hope to get to someday. Perhaps your list includes a dream vacation, learning to play the guitar, spending one-on-one time with your children, or finally cleaning out and organizing your garage. These things are important to you, but for some reason they keep getting crowded out by higher-priority events, or you simply don’t plan ahead enough to make them happen.

Your Franklin Planner has always had the perfect solution to this problem, but many planner users don’t realize what it is or how to use it. Your Planner has several wonderful tools built in to the design that people often overlook as “extra paper.” One of those is your Master Task List, and you’ll find it in your planner at the beginning of each month.

This simple sheet is the ideal place to forecast what you hope to accomplish each month. Once you’ve written a goal or a task on paper where you can see it often, it’s much more difficult to put it off. Sometimes we need to let our goals nag at us, and the Master Task List is the ideal place to let them do just that. Here are a few ways your Master Task List can improve your plans:

Stop Putting Things Off

Look through your daily or weekly planning pages and see if there are any tasks that keep getting forwarded, skipped, or forgotten. Write these tasks on your monthly Master Task List (Some of our planners simply call it a Monthly To Do List). Once your list is complete decide if your task is time-specific or if it is time-flexible. Note time-specific goals and tasks on your monthly calendar tabs and schedule them on your daily task list so you can be sure you don’t miss an important deadline.

When it comes to putting things off, your time-flexible tasks tend to be a bigger problem. Because they only have ‘someday’ as a due date, these tasks are easily ignored until tomorrow. But what if your ‘someday’ tasks include saving for retirement or creating an emergency 72-hour kit? Eventually someday will arrive, and you may find yourself woefully unprepared.

Reviewing your Master Task List each week and re-writing it each month is the prefect reminder to schedule your tasks that aren’t time-specific. Set a date when you will meet with your financial planner, organize a 72-hour kit, or focus on a corner of your garage. During each weekly planning session, review your monthly Master Task list to ensure you’re including those things that you would otherwise put off.

Add Direction to Your Goals

Review your list of long-term goals and determine which steps you can work on each month. Write those steps on your Master Task List. Review your list each week as you plan and schedule the steps on your daily pages. Keeping a running, active list of your goals and the progress you’re making toward them is one of the most powerful ways to ensure you realize them.

Improve Relationships

Your Master Task list is a great place to focus on your relationships. If you hope to have monthly one-on-one time with your children, you can write their names here and list activities they enjoy. This will make it easy to plan a fun activity and schedule it in your planner. Now that wish to be with your kids is no longer a wish, but an actual scheduled event!

It works great for planning a breakfast getaway with your neighbor, a special date with your spouse, or planning a special anniversary event for your parents. Because you started planning it at the first of the month and took time to consider specifics, this together time will be more tailored to the people you are with.

The next time you plan, spend a few minutes with your Master Task List and start forecasting the events that will make the coming month even better. Good luck, and happy planning.

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