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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Time During the Holiday Rush

The holiday season is here, loaded with important dates, deadlines, and dilemmas. How are you going to get to all of it and still make time for the things that matter most?

Here are three things to keep in mind as your schedule ramps up.

Write Down Each Item as You Discover It

Whenever you learn of a family gathering, neighborhood block party, or a gift you’d like to give, write it in your planner and schedule time to do it. Commit to work during that scheduled time to be sure you finish the task—whether that be shopping for the ideal gift, or preparing to attend a party.

Resist Distractions

Don’t allow other last-minute items to encroach on the time you’ve set aside for the things that matter most to you. If emergencies or other urgent matters do interfere with your ability to prepare for important items on your schedule, immediately reschedule your important events. Make sure you complete the important tasks and make yourself available for the people you love.

Plan for Rest and Downtime

Over-scheduling your time has a negative effect on your health. Remember that saying no to one thing is also saying yes to something else. If you are constantly running from event to event, you’ll rob yourself of other important elements in your life, such as: quiet time for reflection, preparation time for important activities, and sleep.

Packing your schedule is even harder on young children as they require more time to process changes in their schedule and mentally prepare for the next part of their day. This often leads to confusion, temper tantrums, and tears—inevitably adding the drag of resistance to your routine and slowing you down.

Sacrificing sleep and quiet time for reflection can lead to increased stress, agitation, loss of control, and even sickness. Your body’s metabolism slows down leading to weight gain, and your immune system is weakened, which can lead to illness.

Plan time to simply be home with those you love. Give yourself and your family a reasonable time for conversations and fun, but be sure to wrap up in time for travel, a reasonable bedtime routine, and to settle into bed at a reasonable hour.

Daily planning allows you to think through the events of the day and mentally prepare for them, so you aren’t caught off guard. Planning is the best way to ensure this holiday season is both peaceful and productive.

May you enjoy the peace of a well-planned holiday season.

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