3 Ways to Use Your Planner on Vacation

Your planner is a wonderful way to manage your day-to-day events, but when you’re on vacation, your schedule changes dramatically. It’s easy to drop daily planning completely out of your schedule. But what if you took your planner with you on vacation? How might you use it when your schedule is seemingly wide open?

Set Your Itinerary

Decide ahead of time what sites and experiences you care to see the most. Determine what you’ll do each day and write your itinerary in your planner. Be sure to leave more time than you might expect for each event and for travel. Vacationing in unfamiliar places always takes longer than expected. If your schedule is too crowded, you’ll grow anxious in your effort to do it all. That isn’t really what a vacation is for, is it?

Make Your Vacation Matter

Time away from your daily grind is rare. How you use that time could make all the difference. If you remember to take just ten minutes to plan each morning before you dive into your day, you can save yourself a lot of stress. Even if you set your itinerary before you started your trip, you’ll find that things always change once you arrive.

Once you’re at your destination, you can get a better feel for the area and the time it takes to get around. During your morning planning session, you can determine which sites you want to visit most and decide the route that will allow you to spend the maximum amount of time at each place. Set the route you’ll take so you can avoid backtracking. Keep your agenda and hotel contacts, and make note of nearby gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants.

Journal Your Trip

Use your planner to journal your trip. Write down the highlights of each day in your notes pages. Note the reactions you and your family have along the way. Be sure to mention the things you want to remember the next time you visit, such as delicious food, and other unexpected discoveries.

A vacation is a great opportunity to rest, reset, and gain perspective. Keep your planner with you so you can remember your favorite details.

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