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30th Anniversary Story: Annette Wilder

Read Annette’s story and see how her Franklin Planner allows her to help hundreds of students.

My Franklin Covey Planner has helped me keep and be successful at my dream job. I work with outreach programs for low income youth called Talent Search (Trio program) at Morehead State University. The program I work for requires that all the staff be excellent at multitasking, which is just the nature of the job. Monday is the only day I am in my office, the other 4 days I work at different schools and I work with gradesAnnette Wilder 6th – 12th.  As you can see just by my work schedule, I have different schools and grades to plan around and that doesn’t even include the needs of my 300 students. 

This is why my Franklin Planner comes in handy.

I was so overwhelmed when I began, I had to do lots of paperwork, prepare and do presentations, work on academic year and summer programs and plan the next year, go to committee meetings, go to community meetings, and keep regularly scheduled hours for students. I was getting behind on my planning and just barely managing crisis as they came up. Overwhelming didn’t cover how I felt; I was drowning.  I loved working with students, but keeping up with everything else was hindering my success and my ability to plan ahead to help my students.  One of the questions that they asked me during the interview was how long I thought I would be working with the program, I didn’t understand at the time why they asked me that.  I found out later that most of the 8 counselors, were new and most didn’t’ stay past 2 years.  Now I understood why the majority of the staff had only been on the job for less than 2 years.

I wanted to stay, I loved the job, and it gave me purpose to get up every morning. One of my co workers, who was one of only 2 staff members that had been with the program for 10 years, mentioned the Franklin Planners and 7 Habits of Highly Successful People during a meeting. She discussed a training that she went to where they showed you how to use the planner to become more successful. She talked about how she used the planner to set goals and manage daily tasks. Listening to her helped me make up my mind about what I needed to do. Immediately, I bought a Franklin Planner and the 7 Habits book.

In the beginning it was somewhat of an adjustment and it took me a while to learn to utilize all the tools that the planner provides. Now my ring bound classic academic year planner provides balance not only at work but for my home life as well. People are always asking me how I can do so many projects, work in different communities, stay healthy, take care of my family and I tell them I could not do it all without my Franklin Planner.


Annette Wilder


One Reply to “30th Anniversary Story: Annette Wilder”

  1. My wife Anita & I can relate to this great story by Annette Wilder.
    We\’ve used Franklin Planners for 30 years since it first started in 1984.
    Anita uses the smaller Classic size, and I use the large Monarch size.
    People are amazed at how organized we are in all aspects of our lives:
    1) Freedom 6) Finances
    2) Faith 7) Faculties
    3) Family 8) Facilities
    4) Friends 9) FarmFood
    5) Fun 10) Fitness

    We even created two inserts
    to make our Franklin Planners
    more effective and user-friendly:
    People Plan-It and TaxMiniMiser.

    We would love to help Franklin Planner any way we can.

    Bob & Anita Whitaker
    Studio: 209-239-3127

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