30th Anniversary Story: Barbara Moore

Read Barbara’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner has helped her manage her ADHD.

I have ADHD, and doctors say that medication is really only 10% of the solution, there needs to be behavioral change in order to overcome the challenges of ADHD.

For years I was a struggling, low level employee, not efficient enough at my job to progress. To fill my hours one day, I signed up for a Franklin Covey class offered at my work. I knew the course came with my first Franklin Covey Day Planner, but I did not know it would come with the information to overcome my ADHD challenges!

I was applying the Franklin Covey system a little bit at work. As the skills in my Franklin Covey Planner use improved, so did my efficiency at work. My boss was the first to notice my assignments were progressing on time and I was no longer backtracking and re-doing things I had forgotten to include. The more I used the planner, the more areas of my life I found I could improve with it.

Without going into an entire book of my life, I will say that it’s improved my relationships with my family, friends and coworkers to be more reliable. It’s been several years since my first Franklin Covey Planner, and I have grown professionally and personally with this system.


Barbara Moore

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