30th Anniversary Story: Catherine Krause

Read Catherine’s story and see how her Franklin Planner has helped her keep her life as a working mother organized.

As a young professional in the 90’s, I saw the leaders of the company walking around with their Franklin Covey planners—they looked so cool! I desperately wanted to be one THOSE people. I signed up for a class in early 1999 and counted down the days for it! I got the flu – ugh! But no snow, flu, or 60 mile drive was going to stop me from coming to the class.

Tissues in hand I showed up. It changed me! During the class we walked through roles, values, and priorities. It brought me to tears—and IMG_7260editedchanged my perspective completely. I have never forgotten that class and shared the wisdom with hundreds of folks I have encountered in the years since.

Every few years I sit down and go through the exercise again—what are my roles and what do I want the important people in my life to say about me when I pass away. That single lesson has provided me the vision and direction over the last 15 years! Back then I was a young mom with 2 kids that was excited to “grow up” into planning my day.

Now I am a more mature mom with 6 kids and have a road map for my life thanks to my planner! Life has thrown plenty of curve balls including family deaths, major shifts at work, and my 3 year old nearly losing his battle with cancer. It was enough to feel like I was drowning. Yet through it all, it was the basics of that life changing training in 1999 that helped me keep perspective, remind myself of my roles, and prioritize my values.

It is with a full heart that I say THANK YOU for helping me set the path for my life—I may not be the ultra cool person walking around with a day plan, but I am a working mom and wife who clearly understands her values. I have my planner as my life road-map that helps me navigate the rough waters and helps remind me to cherish the beauty in every day.


Catherine Krause

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