30th Anniversary Story: Colleen Boraca

Read Colleen’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner has helped her become a successful attorney.

During my freshman year of college (19 years ago), I could not keep track of and prioritize all the demands on my time. My brother bought me a PictureFranklin Planner which was one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Since that time, I graduated from undergraduate school and law school, passed the bar exam, served as a prosecutor, worked at a legal aid agency, and am currently a clinical professor at a law school.

Much of this has been done while balancing being married with two small children. This would not have been possible without the organizational help of Franklin Covey.

For this, I am grateful.


Colleen Boraca

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  1. I was instructed how to use the Franklin Planner through the Franklin Institute at a major aerospace corporation in 1986. I still have my first entry of October 1,1986. Have used my Classic Planner ever since, on a daily basis, and continue to do so. It has seen me through my business assignments prior to retirement from the aerospace corporation, through my own small business efforts, and especially during travels in my husband and my motor home. The births of our four granddaughters are all chronicled in my storage binders which are kept on a special book shelf.

    Just recently, some friends were trying to remember some details from a trip we took together 7 years ago. I got out my travel logs from my planner for 2007. Sure enough, all information was logged and retrieved.

    My planner has been a part off my life for 24 years. Couldn\’t do without it. Am ever grateful that I was introduced to this remarkable time management and recording tool. Whoops, almost forgot to mention that it has also been a helpful financial management tool.

    In gratitude,

    Donna Bass

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