30th Anniversary Story: Donald Yehle

Read Donald’s story to hear how his Franklin Planner has helped him keep his and his family’s life organized.

In our family, our 20-something daughters (and now their respective husbands) have a standing invitation that I will purchase them a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApaper-Franklin Planner of their very own.

Both daughters know that information in Dad’s planner “saved the day” on many occasions—especially on family vacations. Events, critical business and personal notes, along with phone numbers, have long been recorded in my planners.  Eleven years of planner notes are still available on shelves at our home.

Now promoting passenger rail, I look forward to browsing through the binders to see what’s happened over the years. As I travel across America on trains and elsewhere on planes, a classic planner is always over my shoulder, contained in a Ben Franklin cloth carrying case purchased at Williamsburg several years ago.

My goal is to put the power of the Franklin Planner to work in my life and in the lives of my loved ones.

Yehle Family Quote, “The power of the Franklin Planner is at work in your life and mine.”


Donald Yehle

2 Replies to “30th Anniversary Story: Donald Yehle”

  1. Yes sir I Remember it just like it was yesterday. It has always been in your possession and used to the max. Right on , on your essay , congratulations. Better planning , better life.

  2. I confess that my first planner was both an experiment and from another vendor; however, it got me started with the \”planner habit\” and even after 30+ years and now being retired, I still have the \”planner habit\”. My life has been called \”weird\” and \”quirky\” by observers, but all of them had to admit that I am not disorganized. I capture the details, work them in where they need to be and go out and do what I set out to do. My planner is overcrowded, but every part of it is backed up and I have never lost a planner. That cannot be said of my smartphone. My archives go back to 1984. They have been \”culled\” to reduce the size, but the important stuff is still there. These days, I create more of my own forms because I am not really on a schedule, I create my own schedules. I don\’t even have all of the usual sections in my binder because I do not need them there. I use a multiple number of binders because it is more convenient for me than any other method for current data. At the end of the year, it is quite easy to pull needed information from my pages for tax purposes and the entire planner is archived for a minimum of five years, after which, I cull the pages that no longer are needed and can often combine the archives into one storage binder from Franklin Planner. I discovered the colored plastic page finders and top tab dividers and love how they work with my color coded systems. Now, if only you would bring back the colored note pages… For now, however, I print my own. Life gets complicated! For me, using a planner and a method ends the complication of organizing and gives me the opportunity to pre-determine the timing of many things that used to have me in disarray. Would you consider creating a planner for those of us who are retired but still busy?

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