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30th Anniversary Story: Julie Bailey

Read Julie’s story to hear how her Franklin Planner helped her keep life as a working mother of eight organized.

My story is probably much different than others. I am a mom to eight, and a wife of 32 years. I have used many different types/sizes/styles of planners to keep us all running on smooth tracks, but FC is my favorite. Here’s why: the superior quality of the paper and binders, the versatility of the various inserts and the ease of ordering.  At this point in my life, I am so excited to have a leather planner! For many years it was whatever I could find at Walmart! I use it every day, and find great peace in tracking our lives. I would love to win this contest, and already sing your praises to many folks, including my six lovely daughters pictured here with me.  🙂 Sincerely, Julie Bailey


One Reply to “30th Anniversary Story: Julie Bailey”

  1. I must have started using Franklin Planner since around 1989/1990.Ever since then I have so nicely been
    helped with the majority of so many items available. More and more try to utilize the prepared lead sheets
    of so many situations on witch notes help to keep on record.
    The reason for i to depend on Franklin Planner is that since the year mentioned i had an incident in witch
    my memory retain was affected for both short and long. It is very brief but Franklin Planner never is left at home.My great thankfulness To your great company.

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