30th Anniversary Story: Stefanie Williams

Read Stefanie’s story and see how her Franklin Planner has helped her organize her entire life since 1998.

My Franklin Covey classic-sized planner has been with me since 1998, when I was a junior in high school. I learned to use the 7 Habits 2 pages per day as I read through the book, which was gifted at the same time. The system got me through all of my advanced classes and extracurricular activities.

Since then, it has helped me manage a job, college classes, and two kids all at once. It’s also gotten me through planning my own wedding and a couple of moves—including my out of state move last year.

I manage all aspects of my life with my planner. I am able to coordinate mine and my husband’s work schedules with our kids’ schedules, our personal plans, and all of my work and personal projects. I also keep track of multiple meals and various memories in my planner pages.60578_lrgcase

I have plenty of room for everything to be all on one calendar set. There’s no way I would be able to track everything without it (especially my family’s schedule). My binder (yes, the original binder I received in 1998!) and my two pages per day (in Blooms these days) is crucial to my productivity.


Stefanie Williams

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  1. I\’ve been using a Franklin planner since 1994. I\’ve probably owned every size they have at one time or another. I used classic when I had children at home and worked full-time for the government. I needed all the room on the 2-0
    page daily spread. Now that I\’m retired I use a compact size for keeping track of my home based business, doctor appts, finances, passwords, etc. I\’ve looked at other planners over the years, but always come back to Franklin!

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