4 Questions to Consider Before Choosing a Planner for 2016

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With the holiday season approaching, it’s a great time to order your 2016 planner. But with such a wide selection of planner formats, sizes, and designs, selecting the right planner for you may be a little daunting. Answer the following questions while selecting your planner, and you’ll find the one that’s tailored for your planning needs.

When Do You Plan?

Deciding on the right format for your planning needs is the first step to choosing your planner. If you have a large number of tasks each day and you need plenty of space for notes, then a daily planner is a good choice. Weekly planners specialize in displaying a full week of appointments at a glance or managing a smaller number of tasks for each day.

What Do You Plan?

The Original FranklinPlanner was designed for business (even though many people customize it to fit their busy schedules). It dedicates page space to tasks, appointments, a daily tracker, and a full page of notes. But there is more to life than a traditional career, so new designs emphasize a different mix of these elements. One may emphasize appointments, while another gets rid of the daily appointment schedule in exchange for more notes space. The Dot Grid Planner even lets you design your own daily planning with a page of dots for each day. Knowing how you use your planner will help you narrow your selection.

How Big Do You Plan?

Once you’ve answered the first two questions, you will have a focused group of planner designs to choose from. Now you’ll need to decide on the planner size that fits your life.

If you’re a long-time planner user, you will probably have a binder and accessories in your preferred size. However, if your analysis of your planning needs shows that your situation has changed and a smaller size is a better fit, consider updating your planning experience with a fresh binder to match.

What is Your Personal Style?

When you’ve narrowed down your format and size, you’ll have a group of planner designs to choose from. Will you choose a playful, colorful design?(RetroPop) Or a more subdued, textured design?(Wanderlust) Will you explore one of our new designs?(Watercolor) Or stick with our time-tested top seller?(Original)

No matter how you plan on planning in 2016, FranklinPlanner.com has something for you.

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