4 Reasons to Revisit Your 2015 Planner


Data is now a big business. From browsing history to Fitbit stats, we’re recording and analyzing more data than ever before, and using it to shape the future. As you continue into 2016, it’s time to mine your own data—the information contained in last year’s FranklinPlanner. Here are some helpful data categories you may find useful in 2016:

Scheduling: What weekends worked well for your summer vacation last year? How long has it been since your last dental appointment? Reviewing your appointments and calendar entries from last year can help inform your current plans, and make sure you stay healthy.

Brainstorming: Take the results of last year’s work meetings further. The notes you recorded in your planner can be a valuable source of inspiration for projects in 2016. For convenience, you should consider storing work notes in a separate Storage Case, so that you’re not flipping through weeks’ worth of pages to find the notes you need.

Learning from Failure: It’s natural (and mentally healthy) to move on when you make a mistake. But failures often teach us more than successes do. Take a moment to look back through 2015. If you let one of your goals slip, find the week where it happened and conduct your own analysis. Why did you fall off the wagon? Now that the pain of failure is insulated in the past, you’ll have a valuable resource to help you avoid pitfalls on this year’s goals.

Celebrating Your Success: On the other side of the coin, reviewing your 2015 planner can also help you see how far you’ve come. There’s a psychological phenomenon known as Imposter Syndrome. Imposter Syndrome brings intense feelings of inadequacy, leading you to feel like you’re bluffing your way through life, that your accomplishments only come by luck, or that you’re taking credit where it isn’t due. If you’re facing Imposter Syndrome, use your planner to review your past processes, struggles, and achievements. Your planner is solid evidence of your contributions to career and family. It’s proof that your efforts have taken you in the right direction, proof that you’ve shaped your own destiny.

As you advance through 2016, the valuable insights in your 2015 FranklinPlanner give you the data you need to succeed.

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