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4 Ways Your Planner Can Help you Accomplish Your Summer Bucket List

Summer usually means time away from school, and vacations from work—but that time goes by so quickly! It’s easy to wind up at the end of your break with things left undone. You wonder where the time went. When this happens it’s easy to rationalize by saying that you were relaxing, but if that were true, wouldn’t you feel more refreshed?

Instead, you feel a little cheated—like the time gods sneaked down and stole hours, even days from you while your back was turned. So what can you do about it? How can you make your summer break more refreshing and productive?

1. Make a List

The secret to a successful summer is effective planning. Your planner is the ideal place to write your summer bucket list. Write exactly what you’d like to do with your break and refer to that list each time you plan. If relaxing is something you want to do, planning will give structure to your day so you can make time to relax in a meaningful way. You’ll find the time to truly refresh your body and mind.

2. Organize Your Vacation

Your planner is the ideal place to plan vacations. List the places you want to visit, the experiences you hope to have, and the cost of travel. Manage airline tickets, travel dates, arrival times, hotel reservations, gas mileage, and food expenses. Track the reservations and accommodations you’ve made, and take note of what you like about each place in case you decide to take the trip again.

An organized vacation is far more restful that an on-the- fly trip. You’ll return from your visit with a sense of accomplishment—knowing you saw what you had hoped to see, done what you had hoped to do and visited with the people you had hoped to meet.

3. Tackle Summer Activities

Stay on top of summer projects by listing your goals and tracking each step from start to completion. Keep up with family summer activities, baseball and soccer games so you won’t miss any of those big events.

4. Broaden Your Mind

Keep a summer reading list in your planner and make sure you always have a book from that list with you. You can read it in the shade in the back yard, at the beach, and while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store.

People so often squander time it’s hard to grasp how precious it is. But your planner will ensure you make the most of the time you have this summer and throughout the year.

Happy Planning!

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