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5 Essential Accessories for Your Planner

Whether you’re new to the FranklinPlanner planning system or you’re getting ready to store your thirtieth planner, the right accessories can make it easier to meet your goals. Here are some essentials:

4400_lrgcase1. Pagefinder

Your time is precious. You don’t want to spend more of it than you have to, especially not trying to search for your place in your planner. We have pagefinders for both ring-bound and wire-bound planners, with many of them multi-tasking as a magnifier, a recurring task list, or a pouch.

31841_lrgcase2. Zipper Pouch 

Your planner is most effective when it goes with you throughout your day, giving you a constant reminder of the next task. Rather than keeping receipts loose among your planning pages or wedged into a small slot in your binder, try keeping them in a convenient zipper pouch. You’ll have room for the things you need to carry with easy access, especially for documents you can’t hole punch.


3. Storage Sleeve

Attention Monarch-sized planner users: you can now have the best of both worlds. If you love the planning space of full letter-size planning pages but have found that your binder won’t close, a Storage Sleeve is a wise investment. Rather than carrying your whole year of planning pages with you, you can store past and future months, keeping them pristine until they’re needed. This will also help keep your planner looking crisp and fresh, especially as the year goes on.

4. The Perfect Pen 

High-quality writing paper deserves a great writing instrument. Whether you choose a fountain pen, a rolling ball pen, or a twist-action ballpoint, FranklinCovey and Cross writing instruments come with a lifetime mechanical guarantee, ensuring that your pen will continue working until you meet your goals. If you’ve ever tried reviving a cheap ballpoint while trying to take a quick note, you can understand the difference that quality makes.

cross pen

5. Scrapbooking Accessories

Your planner makes a great journal, letting you capture the minute details while giving you space to record overarching insights. Whether you’re planning with our Original design or a customized FC Studio planner, our selection of Washi Tape and other embellishments lets you turn your daily goals into a beautiful collection of memories.


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