5 Planner Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Have you ever had a moment that changed you? We can probably all think of events in our lives that acted as hinges for our life’s direction—pivot points that altered the course of our lives forever. The day she said yes, the birth of our children, the death of a loved one—all of these big events can have a lasting impact on our lives. But if we look closer, we can see even smaller events that shape our actions.

The same thing applies to our planning systems. Once we realize how effective they can be in our lives, it’s hard for us to imagine starting our day without them. Sure planning takes 10 minutes out of our morning, but it gives us the direction we need to make the most of our day. It’s absolutely worth it.

Here are five simple accessories that will enhance your plans and make you wonder how you ever got along without them:

1. Cutaway Daily Notes Pages

Some days are filled with important meetings, project planning sessions, and personal events that we don’t want to forget. For times like this, one page of notes in our planner just isn’t enough. That’s when Cutaway Daily Notes Pages come in handy. They allow you to keep on writing when your regular Daily Notes page is full. Even better, the top is cut away so your date remains visible at a glance. Now you can keep all your notes for your busy day in their proper place.


2. Tabbed Divider Pockets

Need to categorize miscellaneous Planner Pages? Would you like a little more storage space in your binder? These multicolored top-tabbed divider pages complement your existing side-tabbed pages and feature dual pockets for receipts, sticky notes, stamps, and more—adding dimension to your plans and making it easy to find just about anything.


3. Progressive Task List

Eliminate the hassle of writing a repeating task on your Prioritized Daily Task Lists with our convenient Progressive Task List. With a layout similar to the Prioritized Daily Task List found in our Planner Pages, and in a size to fit our Pouch Pagefinders, this durable list moves easily from day to day—keeping your daily tasks or extended activities right in front of you for easy recall.


4. Classic Sheet Protector

If you’re involved with a big event, such as a wedding, you’ll find that you return again and again to the same page in your planner—making notes or double-checking details. Repeated use can begin to wrinkle and damage your page, but this see-through vinyl cover will protect your pages from getting dirty or wrinkled. They’re also a great way to show off a family photo, store an important paper from your planning meeting, or hold your receipts for reimbursement.


5. Washi Tape

Add borders to your planning pages, divide your work and home-related tasks, attach pictures, or make elaborate designs in your planner with our distinctive washi tape. It’s also a great way to cover up mistakes. It’s easy to write on and stays where you put it—yet you can remove it without leaving any residue. Our five-pack of Washi tape features five distinctive designs in various widths, many with gold foil accents.


Give these timeless accessories a try, and you’ll soon find that you’d rather not plan without them. These simple tools make your plans more complete, so you can better achieve what matters most to you.

Technology is a great servant but a horrible master. We have all the time there is…and we have to spend it all every day. (We can’t save it for later.) We can’t manage time; we can only manage ourselves. Control is within us. We need to make a distinction between urgent and important. Remember the TIME MATRIX!!

When we spend a lot of our day in Quadrant One, we feel anxious, stressed out, angry, exhausted, emotionally drained, but we also feel the satisfaction of accomplishment and progress toward what matters most to us.

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