5 Simple Ways for Self-Improvement

September is Self-Improvement month. If you plan it right, you can make every month self-improvement month. You increase your power when you invest in yourself, and there are several ways to do that. Here are five suggestions to get you started:

Take time to unplug.

We grow best when we have time to think. Devices, social media, and other electronics tend to be disruptive. They insert themselves into our lives at inopportune moments, often derailing our thought process. Unplugging for a set amount of time each day provides you with uninterrupted time to ponder the things that matter. It almost feels like there is a war of sorts being waged against quiet time, but these uninterrupted moments are where the magic happens. It’s a time to define your goals and determine how you can incorporate those big ideas into your daily experiences.

Get active.

Today’s model of physical fitness can be intimidating. Many of us may feel like that body type is far beyond our reach. But being physically active is about far more than what you see in the mirror. Not everyone needs to be a marathon runner or a fitness model. However, there is an amazing sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a physical goal. Perhaps it’s a hike, a 20-minute walk, spending an hour in the garden, or a few more push-ups in the morning—whatever you decide to do, your confidence will increase just by completing that small goal. You’ll feel stronger with each change, and that confidence is a fantastic improvement for the better.

Setting the correct goals is the secret to success. If it’s been a while since you followed an exercise routine, start with small goals that you know you can accomplish. Write them in your planner so you can have the satisfaction of checking them off.

Sharpen your skills.

Providing for your needs is essential. Our ability to provide is linked directly to our ability to work and produce. As technology changes and the world adjusts, your career will change. Taking time to sharpen your skills helps ensure that you change right along with your career, so you aren’t left in the dust. Consider the things you’d like to learn and the skills you’d like to develop, and schedule learning opportunities into your daily and weekly plans.

Take up a new hobby.

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. has said, “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

That’s what happens when you take up a new hobby. Your mind expands—it awakens to new possibilities. Starting something new provides a sense of accomplishment that you won’t get from any other source. New knowledge is invigorating!

Developing a new hobby actually expands your perception of yourself. It adds one more descriptive phrase to your personal definition. Don’t let age deter you from your goal. If there is something you’ve always wanted to try, start today.

Write down your goals.

There is nothing more powerful than discovering what matters to you, and making plans to do more of those things. Your planner is the ideal place to write your goals. If positive relationships with your children matter to you, set goals and plan activities that will strengthen those bonds. If improving your health matters, you can determine what you will change. If you feel a drive to improve your marketable skills, you can set goals to grow your knowledge and talents. When it comes to improving your life, nothing is more powerful than carefully planned action focused on you. You can’t change outside forces, but you can change yourself.

Open your planner today and set some goals that will make you feel more complete. There’s no time like the present!

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