5 Tips for Holiday Hosting

The holidays are about time together with family and friends. Hosting those gatherings, however, can be stressful. You are partly responsible for the holiday experience your guests have while they’re in your home. The two keys to successful holiday hosting are clear communication and impeccable organization, and your FranklinPlanner can help you with both.

Plan Early

A successful get-together is all about the details. You’ll need to coordinate the date, time, location, and activities with your guests. If you’re planning on serving food, you’ll need a menu and a shopping list. Before you reach out to finalize your invitations, sit down with your planner and brainstorm as many details as you can. Then when you call your guests, you’ll be prepared to confirm or adapt your plans as needed.

Delegate Food Assignments

Don’t take on the menu all by yourself. Most people expect to bring something to a holiday gathering. Decide with your guests what they feel comfortable bringing, and make assignments. With the details of the menu equally distributed, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy time with your guests and you won’t be constantly dashing off to the kitchen to check the oven. In fact, it pays to cook your portion ahead of time, just in case one of your guests arrives with something they need to prepare in the kitchen.

Make A Timeline For The Big Day

Even if you don’t share it with anyone else, a written timeline can alleviate a lot of worry. Take a few minutes to plot out the activity in your planner. Allow plenty of time between activities so your guests won’t feel rushed. Then with a simple glance at your planner you dan keep the gathering moving forward.

Make A List Of To-Dos And To-Buys

Plan for food, decorations, and games in plenty of time to determine what you need to make them happen. Make a list in your planner of tasks you’ll need to do to prepare for the day. You’ll also want to note anything you need to buy from food to playing cards or whatever you feel is necessary.

Plan Time Together

There’s nothing wrong with open timeframes in your event schedule. If you spend all your time moving from food to activities to other events, you’ll miss the chance to connect with your guests. Gear your plans toward creating memorable experiences, with plenty of time to enjoy together. If you have music, the smell of delicious food, holiday lights, and pleasant conversation, you’ll have enough for a great holiday.

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