5 Tips To Jumpstart January

Real Life Adventures Ring-bound Daily Planner RefillWe have a thing for January. It’s National Get Organized Month. All that sorting, stashing, planning, and relocating are right down our alley. It’s what makes us tick—not because any one of us individually is perfectly organized, but because for a whole month the dream feels almost attainable. And even if we never find that perfect state of organized nirvana, the efforts we make at the first of the year make a huge difference.

The list of things we could do in January is enormous, but sometimes we need a little jumpstart to get going. (Like that rusty, yellow 1973 Ford Pinto my brother drove to college.) Anyway, here are a few little things to get you started:

What’s In Your Freezer?

Now that the holidays are over, you’ll want to empty your freezer and see exactly what you have in there. Throw out anything that’s freezer burned or expired and make sure you aren’t hiding something wonderful behind your leftover turkey. You may be able to center your next few meals around the discoveries you make. Better to eat it while it’s good than waste it later.

Update Your New Planner

January is a good time to transfer important numbers, dates, and information from your 2012 calendar to your new 2013 calendar. Make sure you aren’t missing important items like birthdays, anniversaries, and your children’s healthcare specialists.

Prepare for April 15th

By now you’ve probably got most if not all of the paperwork you needLovisa File Box w/ 12 file by Bigso Box of Swedentofile your taxes from your employers, banks, and investments. Now you just need to gather the information that has accumulated throughout the year. Determine your medical expenses, travel costs, home business expenses and income, etc. and store it in a file box so you can easily file your taxes for the year.

Set An Achievable Short-term Goal

Most of us are focused on long-term resolutions at the beginning of the year. That’s fine, but who wants to wait a whole year before they get the satisfaction of having completed a goal? Take one of your long-term goals and break it down to pieces that you can accomplish in a month. Maybe in January you want to run or walk 3 to 4 days a week. That’s a short-term goal for the month with just enough flexibility built in to make it achievable, and it will move you toward your longer-term goal of developing a healthier lifestyle. Hint: if you schedule the days you plan to exercise in your planner and on your wall calendar, you’ll improve your chances of getting it done.

Start A Compelling Novel

Sure it’s not a way to get organized, but if you’re like the rest of us, your days will soon be getting longer and you’ll want to be outdoors and on the run. While you still have longer evenings void of major yard work, pick up that novel you’ve been meaning to read and escape reality for a few minutes each day. When you close the book and re-join the real world, you’ll feel a little more refreshed.

However you choose to start your new year, we hope you do it with a smile and with a positive outlook. Having an upbeat attitude toward life goes a long way.

Good luck and happy 2013.


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