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5 Ways to Use Your Planner for Holiday Shopping

The season of giving is a wonderful time to share with family and friends. It’s a great opportunity to remind others how much they mean to you. Extravagance is not necessary—a thoughtful note, a meaningful card, or a small gift can mean a lot. The trick is finding the right gifts for the right people all while staying within your budget. That’s what makes your planner so powerful.

1. Establish your holiday budget.

Look at your finances now and decide what is a reasonable amount to spend on holiday shopping. Create budget segments in your planner for décor, party expenses, meal planning, and gifts, and determine how much you can afford to devote to each. Our Financial Plans Supplement can help you determine a reasonable amount for your holiday budget (and so much more).

2. Devote a notes page in your planner for shopping lists.

If you’re worried about prying eyes, find an empty notes page in an inconspicuous location—June, for instance. List the items you’re considering for each family member below their name. Research the items and place dollar values next to each item to help determine which gifts you will be able to give.

3. Determine where you’ll find each item.

Make lists by location: Target,, Adorama, etc. List the items you plan to purchase from each location. Take note of free shipping thresholds and other offers that can extend your shopping dollars.

4. Mark your monthly calendar for important events.

Track sales events in your monthly calendar to ensure you’re getting a good deal for the items you purchase and to ensure you don’t miss a big opportunity to save. Speaking of savings opportunities, our most recent catalog has some great offers that will help your dollar go further, and keep an eye out for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales coming soon.

5. Set holiday shopping goals.

Your planner is a proven way to ensure you set and reach your goals. Make shopping goals to ensure you are finished with your shopping in plenty of time to enjoy the season stress-free. Mark dates in your planner for ordering online items, plan shopping trips to beat the rush, and schedule your Black Friday shopping party now, so you can relax knowing your gifts are in hand.

So open your planners now and start your stress-free holiday giving. After all, there is a lot more to the season than worrying about gifts.

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