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5 Ways to use your Smartphone to Get Organized

By Monica Friel 

If you have a Smartphone, get to know it well so you can make use the
terrific functions it can perform. Here are a few ways you can use Siri (or
Android voice command) to get organized:

With Siri, hold down the home key and talk. Here are some things you can

1. “Set timer for 15 minutes”. As soon as you say it, the timer is set—use
that time to clear your desk or dig into an organizing project.

2. “Locate the nearest office supply store” Do you need labels for your
organizing project? Ask Siri where the nearest store is, and it will give turn
by turn directions from your current location.

3. “When I’m at The Container Store remind me to pick up Acrylic
Drawer Organizers” You can tell Siri to remind you to get exactly what you
need when your at a particular location.

4. “Play Song xxx” Ask Siri to play any song on your device and turn up the
tunes while you organize!

5. “Schedule an appointment with Chaos To Order next Wednesday at
10am” Create any appointment instantly by speaking into your phone.

Getting to know the technology you own will help you to be more efficient
and organized in many ways.

Monica Friel

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