Achieve Any Goal by Brian TracyWe’re approaching the end of June, so that means that we’re almost half a year away from our New Year’s Resolutions. How have your goals held up this year? June is the perfect time for reviewing your goals, celebrating your successes, and recalibrating your plans for the rest of the year.

As you go over your resolutions, you’ll probably notice that your successful goals have turned into habits, while the ones you ditched in February never quite made it there. That’s probably why the toughest goals to master (like losing weight or quitting smoking) involve changing powerful habits over long periods of time.

So as you re-evaluate your goals, break them down into small daily habits that you can manage. For example, choosing to pack a lunch from home every day might help you reach two different goals: saving money by not eating out, and getting healthier by controlling what you eat.

Once you’ve identified your small goals, put them into practice every day for at least three weeks. If they’re time-specific (like the lunchtime goal above), add reminders to your computer or alarms on your phone to help you break your current habit’s autopilot and accomplish your goal.

If March through June haven’t been your best months for accomplishing your goals, don’t give up. Start small, and add on more complex tasks once your habits start to change. And if you fall off the wagon, don’t start running in the opposite direction: resolve to stick with it the next time your habit alarm goes off. Before the year is half over, you’ll already be making progress.

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