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6 Planning Tips for a Successful Workout

We all want to improve or maintain our health, and we know that the best way to do that is through exercise. So why is exercise so hard to fit into our lives? Here are some things we can do to help ensure we have a successful workout.

Use Your Planner

Planning ahead will make your workout more successful. Often the hardest part of a workout is starting. It’s easy to find reasons not to exercise, but if you take a minute to schedule it into your week you’ll find that you have fewer excuses. Look through your schedule and decide what times will work best for you and make sure nothing else gets in the way. A good workout only takes a short time. Certainly other things can wait.

planner workout2Set Yourself Up For Success

Set out everything you need the night before. Stuff your duffle bag with towels, a water bottle, work out clothes, and any other items you’ll use for your exercise routine. Set as many alarms as you need. Set your alarm clock so you can get out before the kids wake up, or set an alarm on your phone to remind you to stop at the gym on the way home.

Be Self-Aware

Recognize your habits—know what time is best for you and what you will actually do with that time. Recognize the times when your family’s needs tend to pull you away from your workout routine and find ways to work around those events. Be conscious of your diet and the things you’re eating between meals. Your planner is a great way to track your diet and your daily workout routine.

Find A Tracking System That Works For You

The daily tracker in your planner is a great way to stay on top of your workout. You can also add the Health and Fitness Tracker to your planner for a complete look at your progress toward your healthy goals. There are many creative apps for your phone or tablet that let you monitor your health and your daily exercise. Tracking bracelets can be a fun way to track the activities you do each day and compare how they relate to your health.

Strengthen Your Resolve with External Motivation

When you can’t find it within yourself to get to the gym or go for a run, reach out for support. Find a buddy to workout with who will help hold you accountable. This way you always have someone pushing you along, and someone you can help as well. With that kind of motivation, you’ll be less likely to dodge your workout.

Don’t Give Up

Making time for yourself can be a challenge. Some people even feel guilty. They feel like they are turning their backs on other responsibilities when they focus on their fitness needs. But remember that improving your health will improve your abilities to perform in the other aspects of your life. Stick to it until working out becomes a natural part of your everyday routine.

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