6 Things to Say Goodbye to in the New Year

By Naomi Cook

There are many things to say hello to this New Year, like fun new calendars and planners (which you can find plenty of here at Franklin Covey)!  However, there are also some things in your home that you should say goodbye to.  Check out this list of 6 cluttering culprits that may be in your home!

1)     Coupons – Are grocery and holiday store coupons lingering on your countertops?  Don’t spend more time than a quick skim, because chances are many of them expired at the end of December.  Then toss them all into the recycling bin.  *How can you organize them in the New Year?  Pick up a coupon organizer for your grocery coupons, and larger poly zip envelopes for larger store coupons, like my favorites from Bed Bath & Beyond!  Both items should be found at your favorite office supply store.

2)     Magazines – Are stacks of unread magazines sitting on your bedside table, some with the plastic covers still on?  Just keep the last several issues and recycle the rest.  Don’t feel like you’re missing something, because most magazines will cover similar timely topics in the next year.  *How can you organize them in the New Year?  Consider dropping some subscriptions or switching to online subscriptions, if your favorite publications offer them.

3)     Catalogs – Are piles of catalogs taking over your coffee table?   They can be enjoyable, but getting one a month…every month…from many companies, can really add up!  *How can you organize them in the New Year?  Did you know that it is so simple to stop them from coming to your home?  Opt out of ones that you really don’t care to receive anymore at www.catalogchoice.org.  Remember that you can always check things out on their websites.  It’s ok to keep a few of your favorites coming; I always hang onto my Container Store catalogs!

4)     Broken Electronics – Are bags of old and non working electronics, like your old hairdryer or blender, hanging out in your basement because you didn’t want to throw them in the trash, but you didn’t know what to do with them?   *How can you organize them in the New Year?  No need to organize these, get them out of the house!  Head to your local township’s website to look for any upcoming e-recycling events, where collections of anything with a plug are taken.  Or sign up for community pages on Facebook, like the Patch, where they may be listed.

5)     Change – Are your coins accumulating quickly, leaving little room for more in the jar?  *How can you organize them in the New Year?  First, dig out the quarters for the parking meters and put them in your car!  Then check to see if your bank has a coin to cash machine, or look for a local Coinstar machine (www.coinstar.com) near you and get some crisp new bills or gift cards to your favorite stores!

6)     Product Boxes – Are big boxes from items like your TV or microwave still fully intact, and taking up precious space?  *How can you organize them in the New Year?  Break them down, and recycle them, especially if the warranty is up.  All you really need to keep are the manuals, but you may not even need to keep the paper copies!  Check the website for the manufacturer to see if there is a downloadable version there for your product, and you can just save it onto your computer!

Have a wonderful January and a Clutter Free New Year!


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