9 Steps to a Tidy Coat Closet!

By Naomi Cook

Yes, winter is here, and it seems like it is here to stay!  We learned from Punxsutawney Phil (a groundhog in Pennsylvania, who makes predictions on the length of winter) on February 2nd (Groundhog Day) that we are due for another 6 weeks of winter!  I’ve just come in from clearing snow off of my car…again.  If we can’t control the weather outside, at least we control how things look when we go inside.  This leads to the question, how is your coat closet looking?  Is it jammed full of coats for all seasons?  Do things fall from the top shelf when you open the door?  Are there items inside that shouldn’t be in there?  If you answered a resounding “YES!”,  to any of these questions, then you are in need of a closet cleanout!  Follow these simple steps and you’ll be there in no time!

Step 1 – Remove everything from your closet, even from the floor, and give it a little dusting/mopping from possible mud-caked boots that have been hiding down there in the back corner.

Step 2 – Sort coats into several piles.  One pile for winter coats and another pile for spring/fall coats, for each member of the family.

Step 3 – Pair up gloves by tucking the wrist material together, just like you might with socks.  If you have single gloves without a match, then just toss them, unless you like that quirky mismatched look!

Step 4 – Gather together scarves, hats and umbrellas.  Check for any tears in the scarves and hats and also check your umbrellas to make sure the spokes aren’t broken.

Step 5 – If you don’t already have the following storage items, then consider getting them:

1)  Wooden Hangers for heavy wool winter coats.  Take a count of how many you will need.  Add a few more to that total to accommodate guest’s coats.

2)  Velvety Hangers for lightweight coats.  Again take a count of how many you will need and add a few more to that total to accommodate guest’s coats.

3)  Expandable Closet Rod Doubler to gain an instant extra level of hanging space, if you have mostly short coats.  No tools necessary, just hang it on your existing rod!  Even if you have one or two long coats, you can still use this if the rod doubler to condense down to just a portion of the existing rod.  Important tip!  Make sure you measure the width of your closet rod before you go shopping.

4)  Expandable Shelf/Shelves to organize and maximize your storage capabilities on and above the top shelf.  You can find these in the kitchen and/or closet sections of your favorite big box retailer.  For these, you will also need the width measurement of your closet.

5)  Bins with Handles for the top shelves. Look for lower height bins, as the space left underneath the expandable shelf/shelves will only be about 5″.  Look for standard height bins for above the expandable shelves, assuming you have enough height in your closet.

6)  Boot Tray for the floor of the closet to keep boots and shoes contained and the floor dry.

7)  Over-the-Door Shoe Pocket Holder in clear to hang on the inside of the closet door, assuming you have a swing out door and not a folding one.

Step 6 – Place the expandable shelf/shelves onto the top shelf of the closet.  Neatly fold Spring/Fall coats into the upper bins and stash them up top.  Then pair flip flops or sneakers in the lower height bins and put them up on the top shelf below the expandable shelf/shelves.

Step 7 – Hang winter coats onto wooden or velvety hangers, and then onto the closet rod doubler or existing rod. Hang thicker scarves or ones that coordinate with a certain coat on that hanger as well.

Step 8 – Put down the boot tray on the floor of the closet, wipe down all the boots, and place them on top.

Step 9 – Hang the over-the-door shoe holder over the door and stash your mated gloves, hats, thinner scarves and small umbrellas in the pockets.

….And you’re done!  How simple was that?  Even better, you’ll easily be able to change things around when springtime finally makes its appearance!  Move the winter coats up to the bins and bring the spring ones down. Also move the gloves, hats and scarves up and move the flip flops and sneakers down into the shoe holder.

Until next time, stay safe and warm!


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