Organized October – First Steps: How to Plan / Where to Begin

First Steps: How to Plan/Where to Begin

The purpose of planning is to complete goals in every aspect of your life. Planning allows you to prioritize the events and tasks throughout your day so you can do the things that matter most first. However, in order for you to understand what matters most, you must first have a goal in mind. The …

Creating Your Reading List

Creating Your Reading List

There are many benefits of reading in your adult life. Reading slows the progress of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, reduces stress and relaxes you, improves focus and concentration, can reduce depressive thoughts, make you more empathetic, improves your general knowledge, boosts sleep quality, and more! There are so many books to choose from, it can …

The Franklin Five: October 2021

The Franklin Five: October 2021

October arrives, offering cooler weather, richer colors, tempting flavors, and an opportunity to breath, plan and reflect before the holiday season kicks in. October Checklist Pocket Size: PDF October Checklist Compact Size: PDF October Checklist Classic Size: PDF October Checklist Monarch Size: PDF  

The Franklin Five: September 2021

The Franklin Five Checklist - September 2021

September, for many, begins a new routine. Print, punch, and include this checklist in your planner to help you stay ahead of events, activities and the new season. September Checklist Pocket Size:   PDF September Checklist Compact Size: PDF September Checklist Classic Size: PDF September Checklist Monarch Size: PDF  

Back to Busy – How to Continue Sharpening the Saw

Back to Busy: How to Continue Sharpening the Saw

In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey discusses the importance of scheduling time to relax. Just like you can’t cut down a tree with a dull saw, you can’t perform to your greatest extent without taking time to rejuvenate yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, and socially/emotionally. But with September comes a …

Becoming Independent

Becoming Independent

Every 4th of July, Americans celebrate the independence of our country. This independence was hard fought for, and something we must continue to support and promote constantly in order to maintain it. But how many of us can say that we are personally independent? Learning to take care of yourself fully, allows for more confidence, …

The Franklin Five: July 2021

Franklin Five Checklist - July 2021

July brings sunshine, ball games, barbecues, fireworks and traditional family celebrations.  Taking a few minutes daily and weekly to plan for summertime success will make all the difference. Print, punch, and include each Franklin Five Checklist as an extra help in your planning sessions. July Checklist Pocket Size:   PDF July Checklist Compact Size: PDF July …

Appreciating Dads

Appreciating Dads

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”  -Jim Valvano Fathers don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Their roles can often get overlooked as they’re traditionally not home as often as mothers and tend to be a bit more distant emotionally. However, the amount of time …

Flag Day

Flag Day

A flag can represent a club, team, state, or country that you’re a part of. By respecting and honoring it, you’re saying that you stand behind that community and the people who are part of it. You may disagree with some aspect of the group, but you’re willing to set that aside to show support …

Why We Remember

Why We Remember

Memorial Day is typically a day for spending time with family and enjoying the warm weather. However, with all of these festivities, it can be easy to forget why we’re really celebrating. Here’s a quick history about the holiday: The day was first celebrated in 1868, originally called “Decoration Day”, a day to decorate the …

The Mighty Pen

The Mighty Pen

We’ve all heard that the pen is mightier than the sword, but how does it compare to the keyboard? Research shows that not only does it hold its own, but there are many benefits to this old school practice. Here are a few reasons to break out your notebook and pen. Boosts Creativity A blank …

The Franklin Five: May 2021

Franklin Five Checklist May 2021

Print, punch, and include each Franklin Five Checklist as an extra help in your planning sessions. May Checklist Pocket Size:   PDF May Checklist Compact Size: PDF May Checklist Classic Size: PDF May Checklist Monarch Size: PDF  

Tired of Failed New Year’s Resolutions? Try It This Way Instead

Failing? Try This Instead - New Year's Resolutions

It’s that time of year when most people start thinking about goals and resolutions for the new year.  You know what I’m talking about  – those things we think we should do but we don’t really want to do.  Somehow, though, with the start of a new year, we have fresh motivation and think this …

3 Ways to Use Your Planner for Holiday Budgeting

You Holiday Budget - How your planner can help

Here are three ways your Franklin Planner can help keep your budget healthy during the holidays: Individualized Gift Budget Tracker Take a moment today and write out a list of everyone you plan on giving gifts to this holiday season. You can include your family members, extended family members, neighbors, coworkers, teachers, caregivers, and others …

The Franklin Five: December 2020

The Franklin Five for December

December is here! Time to prepare for the upcoming holidays and more family time.  Here are a few things to add to your list: December Checklist Pocket Size: PDF December Checklist Compact Size: PDF December Checklist Classic Size: PDF December Checklist Monarch Size: PDF

The Franklin Five: November 2020

The Franklin Five for November

Welcome November! The month of gratitude is here! As the holidays approach, take time to safely plan family time and what matters most to you. Here are some more things to add to your list: November Checklist Pocket Size: PDF November Checklist Compact Size: PDF November Checklist Classic Size: PDF November Checklist Monarch Size: PDF