Achieving Balance While Working From Home

More than half of American workers have transitioned to working from home since 2020. This has been a good change for many, 77% want to continue even after the pandemic. However, 73% of workers are feeling burned out, with 27% attributing it to no separation between work and home. So what can you do to create this balance? Here are a few ideas.

Give Yourself Real Breaks

Going from task to task with no time to reflect overworks your brain. Remember to give yourself a little space between outputs by taking 10 minutes to chat with coworkers about non-work things, reflect on a meeting, or go for a quick walk around the block. Completely clock out during your lunch break and spend the time doing something you enjoy.

Separate Areas For Work And Play

It’s much easier to mentally move from work-mode to home-mode when there are physical boundaries to queue your mind to the correct headspace. Even if you don’t have an office space, you can still create these designated areas. For example: if possible do not work in your bedroom; instead, let that be the space you relax and get your mind off work. Close your laptop to signify the end of the work day, creating a physical separation between business and personal use. Create a screen or visual separation between your work desk and the rest of your living space.

Give Yourself a Buffer

Take time for a routine before and after work that will help you separate work and home life in the same way a commute would. For some, this may mean simply taking time to get ready in the morning before beginning the work day, and then going into a different room as soon as the work day is over. For others, you may need to leave the house for a cup of coffee in the morning, then again for a walk at the end of the day. Whatever the case may be, set a schedule and stick to it so you don’t bring work-life home and vice versa.

Be Responsible With Your Work Schedule

Working from home can make it easier to either cut corners on productivity, or to work beyond your scheduled time. Make the commitment to give your full attention to work during your scheduled time – being as productive and efficient as possible. Then, when the workday is scheduled to end, shut it down and give your full attention to your significant other, family and friends. Be fully present in both. This creates proper boundaries and will boost your effectiveness as an employee or employer and as a family member and individual.

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