Big Idea 3: The Franklin Planner System Is For Everyone—It’s Infinitely Adaptable To Your Individual And Unique Lifestyle

Big Idea 3: The Franklin Planner System Is For Everyone—It’s Infinitely Adaptable To Your Individual And Unique Lifestyle


Every person has immense value and potential. None of us can be defined by any one group or set of rules. We are each individuals—with unique hopes, dreams, goals, and challenges. That’s the beauty of humanity. You matter. Your dreams matter. Your goals matter. You have so much to give simply by being you.


Because you are a unique individual, your planning system should begin within you and fit comfortably with who YOU are. Franklin Planner is universally appealing because, unlike calendar apps or other paper planning systems, it begins where your life matters most—deep inside of you. It’s designed to help you draw upon your core strengths and values, and plan monthly, weekly, and daily actions that are tied directly to those values. No matter what your passions are, you can address and magnify each of them through this system.


Franklin Planner is designed to help you become your best self.

Our planning system is rooted in the daily actions of Benjamin Franklin himself—a man who defined who and what he wanted to become and then lived each day to its fullest potential. Our founder and productivity specialist, Hyrum W. Smith, designed the planner based on Franklin’s little black book, and the teachings of thought leaders both ancient and modern. Later Stephen R. Covey merged with Hyrum Smith, adding his powerful insights.


This isn’t just any planner. It’s a powerful, customizable tool designed to take anyone from where they are now, to where they hope to be. We have a variety of sizes, colors, designs, and binding options that will appeal to all ages and lifestyles. Best of all, it’s time-tested. Over the past 35 years, Franklin Planner has proven to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of millions around the world.


Our paper makes a difference.

Planning on paper is a powerful way to connect your actions with your intentions. Writing on top quality paper makes that experience even better. The paper in your Franklin Planner has been hand-selected for its brightness, smoothness, and opacity, so your writing experience will be second to none. Plus, all of our paper comes from certified sustainable forestry sources, so you can be certain that your paper planner is helping to improve the forests, rather than depleting them.


To learn how to make your planning system as unique as you are, just visit our FREE online planner training. You’ll learn how to determine why you plan, what matters most to you, and how your planner can help you ensure that those things get the attention they deserve.


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