Alternative Uses for the Business Expense Page

Some Franklin Planners are designed to help you manage your business by including Business Expense Pages in the design. But what do you do with those pages if you don’t have a business, or if you prefer to manage your business expenses some other way? There’s no reason to let those pages go to waste. Here are some ideas we’ve found to help you make the most of your Business Expense Pages.


Track New Habits

One of the most important roles we can focus on each day is the role of self. It’s important to set goals that focus on the four aspects of self: physical, spiritual, intellectual, and social/emotional. As we improve our own abilities, we increase the strength that we can share with others. With just a little creativity, you can alter your Business Expense Pages to track your efforts for personal improvement, such as improving your water intake.


Sleep Tracker

Your Business Expense Pages already have numbers for each day of the month. Just add a few vertical lines to note the hours you intend to sleep, and highlight the time you spend sleeping each night. It makes an instant bar graph so you can see how well you’re doing.


Exercise Log

Alter the headings in your Business Expense Pages to reflect your exercise goals, and you’ll have a custom workout tracker perfectly suited to your needs.


Gratitude Log

Your unused Business Expense Pages are an ideal place to track those things that bring joy into your life each month. As you track your gratitude regularly, you’ll find that your outlook on life improves. You’ll begin to recognize the good around you more readily.


These are only a few suggestions of ways you can utilize your Business Expense Pages. We’d love to hear what you are doing with yours. Send us photos as well. Good luck, and happy planning.


8 Replies to “Alternative Uses for the Business Expense Page”

  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I especially like the idea of a gratitude log. I’m a small business owner and this will be a great way to log small successes one day at time as I build my brand.

  2. Love this! Most of planner YouTube videos are made by people who are not busy. Only a few are about Franklin planners. Hate to waste time on videos about putting stickers all over a page. I am on 5 nonprofit boards, and volunteer with other nonprofits, I don’t have many blank pages or squares to make pretty.

  3. You have come some with great ideas for the business pages. Thanks for keeping us Franklin Planners up to date with new ideas. For regular everyday living, I use ‘Franklin’ EVERY day. On New Year’s day, I set up the planner, enter all important items I want to remember. If there is more than one item per square, I put a small red ink dot by each category.

  4. I WILL BE WRITING ALL DAY….even I do not have that much time.
    I love new pretty paper!!!

    I need to order. Where do I get best service…phone or web?
    Where are your stores…Canada & U.S.A.

  5. I also love all these ideas! I use the Business Expenses to track personal expenses. Add categories at the top (i.e.’ food, shopping, kids, self, business, others) and fill in more specific notes under the “Business Purpose” column.

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