Appreciating Dads

Appreciating Dads

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”  -Jim Valvano

Fathers don’t always get the recognition they deserve. Their roles can often get overlooked as they’re traditionally not home as often as mothers and tend to be a bit more distant emotionally. However, the amount of time U.S. fathers spend with their children has tripled since 1965. We know our fathers to be funny, supportive, and hardworking. Most of all, despite our groans and eye rolls, we secretly love their bad dad jokes.

It sounds a bit cheesy, but dads are the gratest. They do a grape job raisin us, and no matter how tall we’ve grown, we’ll always look up to them. Lettuce give thanks to the men that act as our protectors, our cheerleaders, the ones that push us out of our comfort zones and closer to our best selves.

It doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating your father, grandfather, step-father, uncle, or another father figure, these men deserve recognition and gratitude for the vital role they’ve played in our lives. Don’t just get your dad another tie or a new tool for his collection this Father’s Day; take the time to let him know how much you love him, maybe even throwing in a joke or two. But remember, a joke is only a dad joke when it becomes apparent.

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