The Franklin Five: January 2020

Welcome January and a brand new year! Write down your goals, make plans to achieve them, and get your new planner ordered if you haven’t already! Here are some more things to add to your list: January Checklist Pocket Size: PDF January Checklist Compact Size: PDF January Checklist Classic Size: PDF January Checklist Monarch Size: PDF

5 Tips for Holiday Hosting

The holidays are about time together with family and friends. Hosting those gatherings, however, can be stressful. You are partly responsible for the holiday experience your guests have while they’re in your home. The two keys to successful holiday hosting are clear communication and impeccable organization, and your FranklinPlanner can help you with both. Plan …

The Franklin Five: December 2019

December is here! Time to prepare for the upcoming holidays and more family time.  Here are a few more things to add to your list: December Checklist Pocket Size: PDF December Checklist Compact Size: PDF December Checklist Classic Size: PDF December Checklist Monarch Size: PDF

Tips for an Organized Thanksgiving

The holiday season is a mixture of peace, joy, tradition, and chaos. For most of us, chaos is unavoidable—holiday celebrations are family affairs. The more people you add to the mix, the greater your chances of commotion, confusion, and the unexpected. Some families get through the holidays with just enough chaos to keep things interesting. …

Hyrum W. Smith – A Tribute To A Legend

Hyrum W. Smith recently passed away after a fierce battle with cancer. We will miss his inviting smile and contagious enthusiasm.   “When your daily activities are in concert with your highest priorities, you have a credible claim to inner peace.” —Hyrum W. Smith   Hyrum founded the Franklin Quest Company in 1983. He was …