Back to School Checklists 2020

This year, back to school feels different than it has ever felt, doesn’t it? The whole world has been jolted. Yet, our students need education and safe social interaction. Whatever your student’s school situation may be, now is the time to prepare!

We’ve continued our annual tradition of back to school organization with these helpful checklists, with one for each stage of your child’s schooling. Print them out, place them in your planner, and take them with you as you go back to school shopping. You’ll save yourself extra trips and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from preparation!

Download by planner size:

Classic size: PDF

Compact size: PDF

Monarch size: PDF

Pocket size: PDF

One Reply to “Back to School Checklists 2020”

  1. Thank you for the well-designed checklist. Always look for your updated files and share them with my children, and these back-to-school pages are a bright and cheerful addition…especially this year.

    I noticed the pocket checklist, on page three, has an extra text box on the title. Looks like maybe it says both MIDDLE SCHOOL and HIGH SCHOOL, overlapping.

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