Back-To-School Checklists 2022

Back to School 2022

Check out this year’s updated checklists for Kindergarten through College, in all our Franklin Planner sizes, to help you get organized and start the school year off right. Download and print only the pdfs you want—then trim, punch (for ring-bound), and include in your planner—so they’re with you on the go.

Elementary Checklists:

Middle School Checklists:

High School Checklists:

College Checklists:

One Reply to “Back-To-School Checklists 2022”

  1. Having pdf checklists is a wonderful idea and much valued “share” for those of us with kids, grandkids.

    You used to have a software product, I think it was called FormsPlus, which allowed users to create new custom forms or modify standard Franklin Covey forms. Sadly, that package is no longer available.

    Any chance you might bring it back or any advice on how to create our own? I used a spreadsheet to create a checklist for when I need to board my dogs: it’s not very artistic, but gets the job done …. I also use checklists when loading up an RV for 3 -4 week trips, etc.

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