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Back to School: The End of Chaos or Just the Start?

By Monica Friel

By now many kids are back in school, or just getting ready to start. This is the time of year when organizational systems are put to the test. Did you have the chance over the summer to complete all of those organizing projects that were on your list? If not, here are some steps to get organized and be prepared for the school year ahead:

Backpack/School Stuff Storage: Having a convenient place for kids to store backpacks, book bags and transient school stuff is a must. A closet, shelf, or cubby is best, along with hooks for coats, bags etc. If you want your entryway to be  functional, you must have places to store any items that are coming in and out frequently.

Kids Rooms: Use back to school shopping as an incentive to clear through kids bedrooms. Look over every piece of clothing so they know what they have, what they’ve outgrown and what they need to replace for the year ahead. Desks, bookshelves and any area in kids rooms are fair game to get organized and purge the excess.

School Year Files: Create a file at the start of each year for your child’s current grade. Keep all important papers in the file. Add new papers throughout the year and weed out periodically. At the end of the year, sit with your child and go through the papers determining what to hold on to and what to get rid of. Then put the file in a bankers size keepsake box. Over time, you will have a nice organized keepsake box of each school year.

Family Calendar/Bulletin Board: This time of the year there’s a million dates to add to the calendar. Sports and clubs are starting up and the school usually comes out with dates for the entire year. Spend some time inputting all of these dates into your family calendar, whether it’s digital or paper, make sure all important dates are marked. A centrally placed bulletin board with important messages and events is also a great way to keep everyone in the household informed as to what the day’s activities are. 

Back to school time means the start of new family routines. Seize the moment and get good systems into place now so everyone in the household will enjoy a smooth transition.

Thanks, Monica!

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Monica Friel




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