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Back to School with Sarah Pinto

Start the school year off right with an Academic Planner from Sarah Pinto.

We are here to help give you the tools to keep you and your family organized for the school year. Our Back to School catalog features school organization products that will keep papers filed and backpacks ready.

Our Sarah Pinto planners are such a great tool for school, we are giving away two of them this week. Use them to plan out activities, due dates, schedules, and more.



To enter simply comment and tell us how you get ready for the school year. Do you or your family have a routine?

Two winners will be announced on Friday, July 18.


7 Replies to “Back to School with Sarah Pinto”

  1. To get ready for the school year I make sure that all supplies are accounted for that I will need. Most importantly though, I begin looking through course work that I will be working on and planning out research time for some of my big papers and allowing enough creative time to get my thought process going. Without a proper planning process it\’s really difficult to keep all your work straight and know when deadlines are approaching.

  2. My family prepares every year by reviewing available clothing and supplies for my daughters. I would like to purchases more school planners for them and teach them how to plan accordingly.

  3. With our youngest starting kindergarten this year many of our existing \”plans\” will change. We will be relying on FC more than ever to keep the days flowing smoothly with more school activities added to our family schedule!

  4. I\’m getting ready for Gradschool online classes, which will be a killer this semester, working 60+ hrs a week 2 classes and trying to stay organized in all of them is quite the project. But better late than never I guess!

  5. As a school librarian that is off for the summer, I am really trying to pretend that it is not almost time for the new school year. -sigh-

    However, since I must think about it I make sure my school routines are written down. Pretending I will remember things is ridiculous. I have to have things on paper to refer to if I expect them to happen.

  6. We prepare for the school year (I have boys in elementary and high school and I teach special education at the middle school) by purchasing the standard school supplies, cleaning out closets and replenishing school uniforms and clothing, taking donations to various places to clear out clutter, mapping out extracurriculars on the family calendar and setting some goals for the year. We also clean the boys rooms as it gets harder as the school year goes on to keep them clutter-free.

    For my younger son, we also have before school and after school routines written down and posted, this will be more important this year as I will have to leave in the morning before he does.

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