Balance Your Travel Experiences

24You are a complicated person with many different responsibilities. You work to provide for your family and your lifestyle, and you try to enrich your life with new and exciting experiences. So why is it that whenever you travel, you’re expected to completely remove one half of the business/personal balance?

Think about your last trip. If you were traveling on business, you likely fought through jet lag to attend meetings and business dinners, maybe catching a glimpse of your destination through the windows of your rental car. If you were on a personal vacation, you probably felt the tug of the office through your cell phone or tablet, worried about your projects, and wondered whether your team members were on schedule.

Whichever situation you find yourself in, the key to enjoying your next trip is finding the appropriate balance between the professional and the personal. The next time you travel to an exotic location on business, take some time beforehand to learn about the local culture. If it’s close enough to your meetings, you could even stay in a local hotel or bed and breakfast for a more authentic experience. And getting out to try the local food will be much more memorable than the same old continental breakfast.

If you’re on vacation, make an effort to stabilize your career responsibilities before you take off. When you make a plan in advance for how your work will be covered, you can relax on your trip without worrying about it. You’re on vacation – commit to it by putting your phone in airplane mode for most of the day so you’re not tempted to constantly check for new emails. A couple of emergency checks during downtime will be enough.

Wherever your destination and whatever your goal, enjoy your next trip!



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