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Beachy Keen!

By Naomi Cook

Ah…summertime is officially upon us…the warmer weather, the longer days and… the prep for a day at the beach! Do you struggle keeping your beach bag organized? You don’t need to sheepishly hold up your hand. It’s not that hard for it to become a bottomless pit! Most beach bags like mine have some pockets on the outside, but only a few on the inside, leaving most of your belongings in a jumbled state. Read along for some tips on how to organize your beach bag so that you’ll be able to quickly find that money when the ice cream man walks by!

Let’s start by thinking of all of the things you might keep in your beach bag.

You’ll have:

•Your towel.
•Your beach tag.
•Your sunscreen.
•Your drinks and snacks.
•Your book or magazines.
•Your keys and some money.
•Your electronics like your phone or e-reader.
•Your change of clothes for the end of the day.

Now you have a couple of options to organize those items. Go the inexpensive route or invest in some organizers that will help you for years in the future.

For an inexpensive way of organizing, get a variety of sizes of Ziploc bags from small to large. You may have them in your kitchen already. Another option is to use Ziploc containers. Start by putting your beach tag directly onto your beach bag. Fill up smaller bags/containers with your keys, money and phone. Fill up larger size bags/containers with your book or e-reader. Use a Ziploc Big Bag to hold your change of clothes for the end of the day. It can be used to hold your wet bathing suit and towel after you change.

Or you can spend a little more money and buy organizational products that will last you for years. Instead of Ziploc bags, there are waterproof pouches that house your phone, your money and your e-reader. Next, look to travel packing cubes to hold your bigger items like your books and change of clothes. These are designed to help you stay organized while packing your suitcase, so why not your beach bag too!

For magazines, I’ll usually wrap them up in my towel when I go to the beach. By the time the day is over, they may be in rough shape because of the combination of sunscreen, water, and sand, so you can just toss them!

Finally for snacks, consider a soft sided cooler that you can carry like a bag. Think about putting your sunscreen in a Ziploc bag in the cooler so that it will keep you protected and offer some cooling relief at the same time!

Enjoy your day at the beach and have an ice cream sandwich for me!


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