Binder Sizing and Hole Punch Guide

Binder Sizing and Hole Punch Guide

We regularly receive a variety of questions about binder and page sizing. Maybe you’ve found an old binder, received one from a spouse or family member, or picked one up at a second-hand store or online. How do you know what size it is and whether our Franklin Planner pages are compatible?

We know that explaining the ring spacing on binders over the phone can be hard, and you may not have the tools you need to accurately measure the spacing. To help, we’ve created a hole punch guide that you can download, print out, and use to compare any binders or pages you may have with our Franklin Planner system.

Hole Punch Guide – CLICK HERE!

Some interesting facts about our planner sizes:

    • The first planner we ever made was a Classic size and it’s still the most popular size today.
    • By 1992 we also had Monarch and Compact sizes available and finally added the Pocket size to complete our line.
    • These four sizes and the layout of their rings haven’t changed, so if you find that special binder from years ago, we’ll still have pages that fit it.

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