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Bre Laptop Tote Giveaway

Enter to win this beautiful soft leather laptop tote to accent your fall wardrobe.

Are you in need of a new tote for all of your essential items? Or do you know someone who would love a new one? This week’s giveaway is a featured 60692_thmBre Laptop Tote that is sure to match any style or season! Its professional look works great for work and for school!

The pebbled leather tote comes with various pockets with all different sizes to help you keep all of your things organized and easy to find. It comes with sturdy tube handles that makes it easy to carry, and its padded compartment is great for any 16” laptop. The bag’s large size also works well for all of your business, school, or daily items.

If you have no need for it, it also makes a great gift for the holidays!

To enter to win comment on this blog post and let us know what you would keep in your Bree Laptop Tote, or who you might gift it to for the holiday season? One winner will be chosen randomly and will receive one Bree Laptop Tote. The giveaway ends Friday October 11, 2013. 

Check out the entire Bree Collection and more on FranklinPlanner.


37 Replies to “Bre Laptop Tote Giveaway”


    OMG! What a gorgeous tote!! I am a purse / tote – holic. Anything related to purses and totes and planners has me fascinated. I have a green CLASSIC FC planner that I have used for over 20 years. The Classic style and size have met my needs over adn over again. I would put that planner and my daily work essentials (cell phone, keys, a 2nd planner, pens, pens, and more pens, etc…) in the BREE COLLECTION TOTE. My life is in my bag! I cannot function without my bag or my planner.

    1. I am in serious need of this beautiful Bre Laptop Tote! Too embarrassed to describe what I am currently using. Looks perfect for my laptop, phone, planner, sketchbook, pencils, pen.

  2. Bree Laptop Tote
    WOW! That is a beautiful bag, and I would know since my kids call me a bag lady… This would hold everything I need for work or travel including my laptop and my FC planner which I can\’t usually get in one bag. Or, I may give it to my cousin Bree for Christmas., My daughter loves her E-GO BLACK PLAID 13 INCHES LAPTOP SATCHEL BY JILL-E and my son really likes his MATRIX LAPTOP MESSENGER in GRAY. I\’m trying very hard to pass along my love of Franklin Covey products and bags.

  3. I am always trying to stay on top of my organization skills and a roomy tote would be just the ticket. I would keep my Franklin Planner, personal laptop, and work essentials in this handy bag. It would allow me enough room to carry everything I needed plus additional items to stay on track of my full schedule that includes a full-time job, part-time school and being a wife and mother. Managing my business affairs and family schedules would be made much simpler with a tote that fit everything I needed.

  4. This bag is gorgeous! I\’d love to tote around my laptop and books as I work on writing a dissertation this year! Can\’t sacrifice style when the nose goes in the books!!

  5. I would use the Bre Laptop Tote to carry my laptop, planner, phone, various essentials (work and personal) to my clients to do a presentation! It would be great to have one tote to carry everything! This tote is so classic and functional – would love to win it!

  6. Bree Collection Give Away!
    Wow! This tote is so classy! I would put my Classic FC planner and my spiral FC notebook in it along with my laptop. It appears to have room for my cellphone, FC notepad, pens/pencil. It looks so versatile ; it is appropriate for professional appoints and the grocery store (minus the laptop). I would love it!

  7. Love the attributes of this bag which allow my planner, binder, cell phone, keys, business cards and of course pens to stay organized. The tube handles are great for the comfort of hands and shoulders. The box buttom keeps all my items IN my tote and the inner pockets keep everything in place. All I need now is the latest laptop to place inside! What\’s not to love with the Bre Laptop Tote?!

  8. I would love to win this beautiful bag. I got a new laptop a couple months ago that does not fit in my old laptop bag from my college days. This would beautifully hold my new laptop along with my FC wire bound planner and all the essentials that I need to carry with me. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  9. I have been thinking about replacing my worn down knapsack with something ever so much more elegant, and this Bree Laptop would be just ideal! In addition to my laptop, my planner and my lunch, I always carry a book and a few documents, and this would carry them all in style!

  10. This looks like the PERFECT tote for my business materials, my laptop, and my always-with-me Franklin Planner. I\’ve been looking for the perfect bag for a while now. I would LOVE to win this one!

    Signed, a FC Addict 🙂

  11. Twice a week, I work in satellite offices and lug my laptop & Franklin planner to them. Usually, I\’m meeting with clients who can\’t pay full fee for counseling services or can\’t drive to the regular office because it\’s too far away. Both locations have stairs and one has a crummy elevator. Having a beautiful tote like this Bree laptop tote would just make the trek a little happier. And easier.

  12. The Bre Laptop Tote is absolutely beautiful!!! I currently have the red laptop tote by FC, and I seriously don\’t think I could live without it. I am a purse and tote freak, and the Bre Tote looks like a must have. My FC red tote has room for everything, planner, laptop, pens, cellphone, keys, cords, just everything, and the Bre Tote appears to be an even more sleek, attractive, everything tote. It\’s one of those things that \”you just gotta have\”. It looks like a daytime, nighttime, anytime tote/bag, and one that I would love to own!!!

  13. I am one who luv BIG bags for as long as I can remember. I tried using small cute bags but I always ended up spilling all the contents all over the place and as a consequence have had many embarrassing moments in places you can imagine. This BIG Bre Laptp Tote is perfect to keep all my work and tech gadgets in place, plus all my personal effects. That front pocket is perfect to keep my cellphone and car keys readily handy as I rush to get to my car juggling with my son\’s school bag, my bag and a pack of grocery items. The long sling is means I can also easily reach for my diary in case I need to quickly check on my schedule or to do list even while I am already on the move. I currently have a bag I have had for at least 15 years witnessing all my travel woes; this Bre Laptop Tote will definitely replace that.

  14. I started a PhD program this fall. The Bre Laptop Tote would definitely take me a step above the laptop backpack I\’ve been carrying around, to work, home, and everything in between!

  15. I would keep my planner, my journal and my knitting in it. So elegant looking and practical for toting my necessities!

  16. I love Bree, I have 3 of their bags and would like to have more! This one would be very useful to me, as I am a freelance Journalist. I could impress my clients and interview partners I guess! I would put in my laptop, paper, a pen, my camera and handkerchiefs 🙂

  17. I would keep my Franklin Covey Flourish and all my planner accessories in the Bre Laptop Tote. I am a part-time lawyer, part-time substitute teacher, and part-time stay-at-home mom, and this tote would seamlessly go from court to school to home, with style!

  18. I would definitely have my \”papers to be graded\” stash in this gorgeous tote! I usually have pens, pencils, and one of my 3 year old\’s Barbie dolls always seems to find its way in! 🙂

  19. I would be keeping my new lenovo yoga 13 laptop in this amazing bag!! it would be great to have a gorgeous laptop bag to carry around with me and keep my laptop safe!

  20. i am in need of this case. I made the mistake of not keeping my laptop in a case and it broke just months after i purchased it. If i had a sturdy durable case like this it would help with transporting the case. I am just grateful for the opportunity to win this case! Thank you so much!

  21. As a busy single Mom, Operations Management professional, and CEO of my own direct sales business, I have to be organized! This beautiful Bre tote would help me keep all aspects of my busy & fulfilling life together in style. Love love love this bag!

  22. What a nice bag. I go through laptop bags faster than anyone I know. Must be the laptop, papers, pens, planner, etc. that I try to fit in. Lately i\’ve divided and conquered and now carry 2 bags. Figure it will more evenly distribute the weight!

  23. Love this bag! The perfect fit for my work documents, iPad and planner 🙂 A simple solution for where to put things…

  24. I would give this to my mom! She hasn\’t had the chance to buy herself a nice laptop case and this one is beautiful! It would fit her perfectly to bring around for her job or just to have by her side!

  25. I would keep my materials for classes I participate in, and a group that I lead. It would be an attractive way to keep track of all my notes, writing utensils, folders and small books safe and sound.

  26. I LOVE this bag! I would use it to keep all my school supplies and laptop. Always looking for a gorgeous bag to tote my things around!

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