12 Social-Distancing-Friendly Summer Bucket List Ideas + Free Download

This is going to be a very unique summer! We’re living in a time that is certain to be recorded in history books. We need to get creative as we plan summer activities! To help spark your creativity, we’ve put together a list of one dozen ideas for safe summer family fun! Download our free Summer Bucket List, at the bottom of this post, to keep in your planner.


  1. Set up a tent in the back yard and camp out. Build a fire pit so you can roast hot dogs and marshmallows.


  1. Help your grandparents set up Zoom (or another simple meeting app) on their computer and other devices, and schedule regular times for virtual visits. You can even order delivery to both houses and have virtual dinners together.


  1. Take a long drive to a secluded place and discover something new.


  1. Get out and move together! Go hiking. See how many new trails you can discover throughout the summer. Go on a family bike ride. Set a goal to ride someplace new each month.


  1. Challenge yourself to have family picnics in as many places as you can imagine—in your backyard, on the roof of your apartment building, in a park, in the mountains, in a boat on a lake, or even in a cave. If you don’t have a cave nearby, improvise with some blankets stretched across your couch.


  1. Have an at-home pool day with an inflatable pool. Run through the sprinklers or set up a slip and slide.


  1. Learn how to make homemade ice cream—then spend the rest of your summer perfecting your recipe!


  1. If your city allows them, consider raising chickens with your kids. It will keep you busy outside, provide a great learning experience for your family, and you’ll have eggs to share with your neighbors.


  1. Discover the attractions in your own “backyard.” Visit your county’s tourism department online, and make plans to see as many interesting places as possible throughout the summer break.


  1. Learn how to kayak or paddle board. Fishing is also a great activity for social distancing!


  1. Get artistic. Try your hand at painting or sculpting. Create chalk art on your driveway, sidewalk, or even the exterior walls of your home. (Chalk washes off easily enough.)


  1. Take your family out for a mystery dinner: Load the kids into the car and go to a nearby drive-through restaurant. When you place your order, just say you want exactly what the person in front of you ordered, and you want it to be a surprise. If you don’t get enough food for the whole family, drive to another fast food restaurant and do it again. Be willing to try whatever you get. For drinks, you can do the same thing at a local soda shop.


Whatever you choose to do, be sure to keep a gratitude journal. When things get tough, it’s easy to focus on the negative and not see the beauty around us. If you keep track of the good things that you experience each day in your planner or journal, you’ll find several reasons to smile. Good luck, and remember that this will pass. Life will resume, and some lasting good can come from this crazy experience.

Download this Summer Bucket List below!

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