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The Gift of Time

The Gift of Time

In the hustle and bustle of life, why is it crucial to make time for what truly matters? How can your presence be the most cherished present? As the year draws to a close, the common practice is to tightly book every available minute with school programs, sporting events, entertainment activities, travel, and holiday festivities …

Personal Affirmations

Personal Affirmations

Science has shown that the words we say to ourselves wield immense power in shaping our outcomes. As Stephen R. Covey put it, “Next to physical survival, the greatest need of human beings is psychological survival—to be understood, affirmed, validated, and appreciated.” And those positive psychological experiences don’t have to solely come from external sources. …

Lessons In Thankfulness

Lessons in Thankfulness

In a world where many of us enjoy abundance and prosperity, a peculiar paradox persists—so many individuals live in a constant state of dissatisfaction. Despite the ‘plenty’ that surrounds us, we often find ourselves yearning for something more, believing that a particular status, an ideal relationship, the trappings of success, or an absence of conflict, …

Mission Statements – Business, Family, and Personal

Mission Statements

Successful businesses often have a clear and concise mission statement that guides their actions and defines their purpose. These statements serve as a compass, helping business leaders make decisions that align with their core values and goals. But why should the power of mission statements be limited to the business world? When you aim to …

Make The Cut: Optimizing Your Life Through Removal

Make the Cut - optimizing through removal

In our quest to optimize our lives, we often focus on adding more – more tasks, more commitments, more possessions. However, true optimization usually involves subtraction rather than addition. To optimize something means to make it as perfect, functional, or effective as possible, and this process requires us to step back and focus on smaller, …

Big Idea 5: The Breakthrough Solution—Combining Paper Planning With Digital Technology

Big Idea 5. Combining paper planning with technology will unlock your greatest potential

  Nowadays, it’s hard to find anyone over the age of 13 without a smartphone. Digital technology has become commonplace in our world. It makes sense. There are a lot of things you can do incredibly well with a smartphone. Your phone is full of contact information that you can access instantly. You can set …

Big Idea 7: The Franklin Planner Is Simple To Use, Effective, And Sustainable

Big Idea 7. The Franklin Planner System is simple to use. effective and sustainable

  Most of us know that establishing a planning routine is a fundamental part of living the life we desire. The challenge is making that routine a habit in our daily life. You may have tried planning before and found it difficult to maintain.   Beginning something new can seem overwhelming, and committing for the …

Big Idea 6: The Franklin Planner System Is Time-Tested And Proven For More Than 35 Years. It’s Not A Planning Fad.

Big Idea 6. The Franklin Planner System if time-tested and proven for more than 35 years!

  In an age when people are looking back to simpler times, seeking out time-tested life hacks, re-visiting retro outfits, and spinning vinyl records, the Franklin Planner couldn’t be more on trend. First created in 1984, the Original Franklin Planner is still our best-seller. It boasts our original, efficient design with crisp lines and a …

Big Idea 4: Paper Is Vital Technology That Has Come Full Circle In Our Lives. It’s The Most Effective Way To Anchor Your Daily Life And Actions.

Big Idea 4. Paper is the most effective way to anchor out daily lives and actions

  When we think of technology, we rarely think of paper and pen. Typically, we focus on the most recent advancements in science, medicine, travel, or communication. But for two thousand years paper has been, and will continue to be, a fascinating technological advancement. Just because paper is common today, that doesn’t make it any …

Big Idea 3: The Franklin Planner System Is For Everyone—It’s Infinitely Adaptable To Your Individual And Unique Lifestyle

Big Idea 3. The Franklin Planner System is adaptable and made for everyone

  Every person has immense value and potential. None of us can be defined by any one group or set of rules. We are each individuals—with unique hopes, dreams, goals, and challenges. That’s the beauty of humanity. You matter. Your dreams matter. Your goals matter. You have so much to give simply by being you. …

Big Idea 2: Everyone Has Greatness Within Them, Immeasurable Value, And Limitless Potential To Achieve What Matters Most

Big Idea 2. Everyone has greatness within them to achieve what matters most

  You weren’t born to fail. Your talents, interests, and desires can make a difference. However, struggle is a huge part of life. The struggles you face can be hard—even devastating, but they don’t have to destroy your hope. Wayne Dyer said it this way, “When you change the way you look at things, the …

Big Idea 1: Your Franklin Planner Is The One Thing That Changes Everything—Everyday

Big Idea 1. The one thing that changes everything everyday

  Have you noticed that the world we live in is growing ever more chaotic? Today’s digital information age is overwhelming our minds and sabotaging our productivity. We’re constantly interacting with our devices—being bombarded with noise, alarms, and the urgencies of the day. It’s exhausting! With all that is coming at us, it’s hard to …

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