Look forward to 2017

The New Year is just around the corner. Take a few minutes now to prepare your planner for the coming events. Clean out your binder, sort loose papers, and give yourself a clean slate as you start another year. Planning now will let you start the year with fresh hope and optimism.

Save on Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday! Check out FranklinPlanner.com today and discover some great deals on our time-tested planning tools. This is an ideal time to stock up on the tools that will help you reach your highest aspirations. Go for it!

Show Gratitude

With the stress of daily life and the events taking place in our nation and throughout the world, it’s easy to focus on our challenges and difficulties. Sometimes it’s natural to see the glass as half-empty, rather than half-full. Thanksgiving is an opportunity to shift our perspective. Take time this week to write down a …

Urgency ≠ Priority

Are you running your life? Or is your life running you? There is a big difference between priority and urgency. Your priorities come from careful thought, when you decide to act according to your values and craft a plan to make it happen. Urgency, whether real or simulated, rises to the top of your list …