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Belief Windows

Belief Windows

In his book, What Matters Most, Hyrum W. Smith explains why so many people feel something is missing from their lives: conflicts between actions and personal values. Like many people, you may not have heard of a Belief Window before, but it affects many of the decisions you make every day and how you behave …

Organized October – First Steps: How to Plan / Where to Begin

First Steps: How to Plan/Where to Begin

The purpose of planning is to complete goals in every aspect of your life. Planning allows you to prioritize the events and tasks throughout your day so you can do the things that matter most first. However, in order for you to understand what matters most, you must first have a goal in mind. The …

The Productivity Pyramid—Planning Weekly

Productivity pyramid step three. Plan weekly.

The third step of the Productivity Pyramid is to Plan Weekly. That’s because the best daily plans emerge from weekly plans. There is a certain amount of clarity that comes with weekly planning—the clarity of a broader perspective. Weekly planning is your opportunity to view your progress with wider lens and to assess your progress …

The Productivity Pyramid—Setting Goals

Productivity pyramid step two. Golas.

Those of you who have followed us for a while know that we have a tradition called Organized October. This is an opportunity to focus four solid weeks on personal growth through organizing and planning. This year we’re highlighting the Productivity Pyramid. Last week we discussed the importance of establishing your governing values. This week …

The Productivity Pyramid—Establishing Your Values

Productivity Pyramid step one. Values.

In order for it to stand, the base of any pyramid has to be solid. That’s why it’s essential that you build your personal productivity pyramid on your governing values. The people, things, beliefs, ideas, and activities that you value most must be the foundation on which you build your dreams. If you set goals …

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