December To-Do Checklist

Stay organized through the busy holiday season with planning ahead. This month’s checklist can help you remember small things like what to save and what to toss, where to clean for gift hiding spots, and how to stay rested so you don’t get too stressed. Though the seasons can become chaotic, remembering what comes afterwards …

November To-Do Checklist

November is all about spending time with your family, remembering what you are thankful for, preparing for the holiday afterwards, and of course eating lots of delicious food! This month’s list will help you remember the small things, like picking up extra leftover containers and doing  some of those small tasks you have been putting …

October To-Do Checklist

Begin October by getting ready for winter and by enjoying some of the fun the fall has to offer. While you’re planning for the holidays and cleaning out your rain gutters, don’t forget to bake some pumpkin treats or visit a haunted house.  This month’s To-Do List will help you remember all the things fall …

September To-Do Checklist

Start September off right: establish some goals and set aside some time to get a few projects done. We’ve got a few ideas to get your September To-Do List started. Don’t worry, they’re not overwhelming; in fact some are pretty fun. September Organizing Goal #1: Download the To-Do List September To-Do List Classic Size September …

August To-Do Checklist

It’s time to get ready for school, but there’s still plenty of time to have some summer fun before the first bell rings. Make the most of your month with our downloadable August To-Do List. August To-Do List Classic Size August To-Do List Compact Size August To-Do List Pocket Size

July To-Do Checklist

With half of the year behind us, July is a great time to renew some resolutions and make sure the second half doesn’t get away from you. Download our July To-Do Checklist for some summer-specific ideas to keep you on-task this month. July To-Do List Classic Size July To-Do List Compact Size July To-Do List Pocket Size

June To-Do List

Who’s ready to cross those “t”s, dot those “i”s this June? Here’s the June To-Do Checklist to help you stay on track this month. Let us know what you check off and how you use your To-Do Checklist. June To-Do List Classic Size June To-Do List Compact Size June To-Do List Pocket Size

May To-Do List

Download the May 2013 To-Do List here and get crossing those to-dos off your list.  Checking off these tips will be both rewarding and fun. We hope you have a marvelous May! May To-Do List Classic Size May To-Do List Compact Size May To-Do List Pocket Size