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Clean Out Your Car in 7 Simplified Steps!

By Naomi Cook

When was the last time that you took everything out of the trunk and off of the floor of your car and really explored what is hanging out in there?  Maybe you have some store returns to make that happen to be intermixed with escaped french fries, crushed soda cans, and smelly gym shoes…ick, it sounds like a scenario for those Febreze Car Fresheners!

On the next nice day that you can dedicate a few hours to, head out to your car and follow these steps…

1)  Remove EVERYTHING – Yes, I said everything!  Get the bigger items from the floor first and then go through your glove compartment, center console, door pockets and trunk.  Don’t forget to look in all those other nifty hidden compartments in your car as well!  For now, keep these items in neat (or as neat as possible) piles in your garage or patio.

DSCN81712)  Clean – Clean your interior windows, including the front windshield and the rear window and your gauges.  Next, dust and clean your dash and finally vacuum the floors and seats.  If you haven’t done this process in a while, you may just prefer to head to the car wash and let them take care of it for you.  A good car wash may be something worthwhile as well, to get rid of that pesky pollen!

3)  Trash/Recycle – Get a trash bag and recycling bin handy.  Toss any items that are immediately recognized as trash, i.e. those fries!  Recycle any maps or papers that aren’t in need or are out of date and any soda cans and water bottles.

4)  Sort – Go through the other items that are left and make the decision of where they need to go.

5)  Organize – Keep some of those handled fabric storage bins in your trunk and backseat.  They are inexpensive and can surprisingly hold a lot!  Five bins should do it; you don’t want to fill up your entire car with them.

In the trunk:

* Use one to stash snacks like granola bars and crackers for that on-the-go hunger.

* Use one to hold car cleaning supplies and a first aid kit.

* Use one to hold those miscellaneous items that accumulate daily all over the car!  Bring this bin in once a week and put the items where they belong.

In the backseat:

* Use one lined with a plastic grocery bag as a mini trash bin.

* Use one lined with a plastic grocery bag as a mini recycling bin.

Also consider those seat back car organizers if you have kids.  This will allow them to keep their belongings together, like magazines, books and headphones.

6)  Maintain – Whenever you stop for gas, pop the trash bag out and toss it.  Save the recycling items for home if you don’t see a recycling bin.  Keep some additional plastic grocery bags folded flat at the bottom of each bin once one is used up.

7)  Rejoice! – Look inside your newly cleaned car and get ready for those road trips.  Then, if it still stinks, quickly proceed to the nearest store and buy yourself an air freshener!


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