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Clean Up Your Schedule for Spring

Spring is a beautiful time of year, with melting snow, rising temperatures, and the chatter of birds returning from their winter hideaway. It’s also a busy time.

I’ve noticed a common springtime routine in my neighborhood. Houses that sat silent during the dark days of winter begin to resound with 61990_4lrgcasevoices. Neighbors, who had spent the cold months quietly milling about their homes, begin to busy themselves in their yard. Trashcans line the street every Thursday loaded to the brim with debris. We strike up conversations with one another—renewing friendships that had lain dormant as we huddled in our warm homes with our families during the winter.

But now, finally, we step outside to a beautiful new season and bury ourselves in work. We have vegetable gardens to plant, flowerbeds to clean up, trees to trim, and bushes to prune. We have windows to wash and new decorations to spread throughout our freshly cleaned houses.

Spring is a season of big events. Spring break, Easter, Mother’s Day, graduations, and Memorial Day all take place in the spring. And we can’t forget Father’s Day, which seems to straddle the end of spring and the beginning of summer. Spring is a great time for vacations and gathering together with friends and family. In my neighborhood there’s an unspoken race to see who can fire up the barbeque first.

But these big events could easily get away from us if we aren’t careful. Houses don’t clean themselves, and the only thing a yard will do on its own is grow weeds. Barbeques require prep time. Spring vacations won’t happen without a plan. And you had better take some time to consider what you’re doing for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

May we suggest that you take a moment now, while you’re busy with spring-cleaning, to clean up your schedule? Life comes at you fast. This wonderful time of year has a way of slipping away from us, so start planning early. Make reminders in your planner two weeks ahead of a big event so you can be sure you have enough food for the party and the perfect gift in hand. Make any necessary lists in your planner and mark those pages with flags so you can reference them quickly. Carry your planner and your great ideas with you so you can make them a reality.

A few minutes now will make all the difference. Once you have the big events scheduled, you can focus on other items on your agenda—like your golf swing.

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