Counting Down

31 Days of HolidayI remember one Christmas Eve as a kid. As usual, I couldn’t sleep and woke early only to discover that it was barely 4:00 in the morning. Far too early to slip upstairs and peek. So I tried to sing myself back to sleep by chanting Four O’ Three, Four O’ Three, Four O’ Three…. Four O’ Four. Right about then, I found myself at the bottom of a dog pile—buried by my older brothers.

One note of caution: It’s not a good idea to wake your older brothers at 4 am, even for a Christmas countdown.

I still count down the days until the holidays but I’m not in such a hurry for it to arrive. I’ve learned over the years that the best part of the season is before the big day. Once December 26th arrives, it’s all over, and we’re left with the pangs of Holiday Withdrawal—wishing for something more to anticipate.

Instead of anticipating and placing all of our hopes on one day, it’s more fun to make the days leading up to the holiday special. Family traditions are a great way to soak up as much holiday spirit as possible early and often.

At FranklinPlanner, we have a tradition as well—31 Days of Holiday. It’s the perfect time to find the planner, binder, organizer, or tech accessory you’ve been dreaming of at discounts you may not see again until next year. Best of all, new deals are available each week. So you have something to anticipate all month long…even after December 25th.

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