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Create a Yard Sale Game Plan!

The month of March can mean different things to different people.  For sports fans it is all about March Madness, and for fans of warm weather it is about the first day of spring.  However, for fans of organization like me, a Professional Organizer, it is the start of yard sale season and the time to pitch those things in your home that you don’t want or need, and that are taking up valuable space in your home!

Why not start collecting things around the house now, so that by April or May you have a good amount of things to sell.  That way you won’t be under a tremendous time crunch and it won’t be such a tedious process…I promise!

Go room by room and pull the whole family into the action.  Make it worthwhile to kids by telling them that they will get the money that comes from the sale of their items.  Remind them and remember yourself, that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  Now see how fast things suddenly disappear from their rooms and end up in a pile to be sold!

Get together some boxes to collect the items.  Not sure where to find boxes for free?  Call ahead to your local office supply store and see if they can hold onto some for you. When you get there to pick up the boxes, pick up a pack of the circle sticker labels in a bright or neon color, some even have pre-printed prices on them.  The brightness will stand out on your items.  Most office supply stores also have premade yard sale/garage sale signs that are clear and concise.  Or again involve the kids and have them make some!

Like food drives keep boxes in a central location to collect food, keep one box in the kitchen or foyer and fill it up with the items to be sold.  After each box is filled to its capacity, move them into a corner, a closet or the garage and stack them on top of each other.  Don’t worry, this will only be temporary!  Think ahead and write down everything that gets put in a box and set a price for it.  Use your own judgment when it comes to pricing, or do some research.  I generally price items at one third of their original value.  Then put a price label on each item.  That way when it comes to the morning of the sale, setup will be a breeze because everything is already priced!  This especially comes in handy for those inevitable early birds who come asking “How much is this?  How much is that?”!

About a week before your yard sale…

* put signs up around the neighborhood.

* post an ad in the garage sale section on Craigslist, which is free!

On the day before your yard sale…

* head to the bank to get lots of one dollar bills and quarters for change.

* type up the written list of items in the boxes and save it as a word document.

On the day of your yard sale…

* wake up early and start setting up.

* watch the money roll in!

After the yard sale is over, please do not be tempted to bring anything back into the house.  Maybe you think you’ll try to sell something on ebay, but chances are you won’t want to be bothered with it and the time it entails.

Using the boxes that you collected items in, put the items that did not sell back in.  Have the typed lists handy to circle the items that are put in.  Once that is complete you can quickly edit the document to include only those items.  Once you have that, you’ll have a final document to pair with a donation form from where you choose to donate your items, and that means self satisfaction as well as a tax deduction!

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